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Glorious Summoner Chapter 238

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On the first day of Zhougonglou’s opening, it only received a transaction and earned 100 Gold Coin.

Ordinary citizens don’t know what happened in the military camp, but the atmosphere in Shangjing City suddenly became tense, because that night, when Xia Pingan bought the beads in the Tianyuanqiao Night Market, it was at the night market. I saw a five-man squad of the ruling army patrolling.

If it is not for special circumstances, the ruling army generally will not easily appear in the urban area.

With the advent of the ruling army, many people have felt that the atmosphere in the capital has changed a bit.

Only on the second day, the news that someone in the Garrison Legion and Shangjing had been infected with corpse poison has spread throughout Shangjing. People were alarmed, Blood Demon Religion return in a swirl of dust, to The news of turning Shangjing into a dead city began to spread in Shangjing.

These news, as long as Xia Pingan walks down the street, you can hear those wine shops and teahouses, people are discussing spiritedly everywhere.

On the 2nd day and 3rd day, Xia Pingan’s Zhougonglou did not receive any business for two consecutive days. However, after Xia Pingan merged more than a dozen boundary beads in a row in the past two days, he advanced again steadily. Arrived in the Three Suns Realm.

On May 31, early in the morning, Xia Pingan’s Zhougong Building had just opened, and Xia Pingan welcomed the second guest of Zhougong Building.

That was a middle age person who was in his 50s and was pampered.

Xia Pingan received him in the inner hall.


“This gentleman is somewhat unfamiliar, may I have your last name!” Xia Pingan asked with a smile.

“Minggui surname Gu…” The man cautiously smiled and even watched hastily leaving with a little humble, then turned his head and looked towards Xia Pingan, “I passed by here today and saw the sign at the door of Mr. , It’s interesting, so I would like to ask your husband to take a try!”

This person knows the hastily identity!

Seeing this man’s expression, Xia Pingan understood it. It was really strange. The two people who came to the door in succession actually recognized the hastily. What kind of luck is this? Could this man be called by Beitang Wangchuan? There are other purposes…

Xia Pingan’s mind turned, but still asked, “I don’t know what dream Mr. Gu wants to occupy?”

“I had a dream yesterday. I dreamt that I was wearing a brand-new brocade robe. I don’t know what this dream means?” Gu Fengshen asked.

“Well, wait for me to have a look at the dream…” After speaking, Xia Pingan had already used a secret technique to evolve that person’s dream, watch carefully.

Dreaming masters do not necessarily have to perform dreaming skills, as long as the people who come to the dreams can

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