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Glorious Summoner Chapter 239

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There are many things in the world, and that is how mountain road twists around each new peak is unexpected.

When Xia Pingan thought that he would no longer be in contact with the Judging Army and was about to work as a “self-employed”, he unexpectedly received a gift package from the Judging Army.

Of course, this gift package did not come from the Judging Army, but from the Emperor Crown Prince Beitang Wangchuan, meaning that Beitang Wangchuan wanted to re-draw himself to the Judging Army to entrust him with important tasks.

It’s just that I’m just a nobody in the Judging Army. Beitang Wangchuan hadn’t seen him before. The first time he saw him that day, he recognized himself. The most likely thing is that he already knew he was in the Judging Army. At the same time, he also knew from the Blood Demon Religion that he was a “Sky Crosser” and was being chased by the Blood Demon Religion.

While knowing the details of his identity, he must also promote himself. The intention behind this appointment is intriguing.

Inspector, if you remember well, this position is in the adjudicating army, but it is the title of black clothed bishop.

Blue fearless saw that Xia Pingan wasn’t too excited, and continued to explain, “The arrest warrant of the police station against your lord has been revoked. Sir, you are now free, and you can resume your original public activities, lord. Don’t worry!”

Unconsciously, blue fearless began to call Lord Xia Pingan.

In Dashang Country and the Judging Army, the name of an adult, but it must reach a considerable level, at least the honorific title that can only be enjoyed at black clothed bishop Level 1. The position of black clothed bishop is still above bishop, if not in Shangjing If so, the black clothed bishop equivalent to Dark War God Cult will be the highest Chief-In-Charge at Level 1 in the ordinary city.

My previous teaching title in the Dark War God Cult was “Assistant Priest”, and now I have been promoted to Level 3, directly past the priest and bishop levels, and become a black clothed bishop.

Judging from the words of Blue Fearless, he still doesn’t know that he is an aircrosser and is being chased by the Blood Demon Religion. Knowing that he is an aircrosser should only be the high-level officials of Beitang Wangchuan and the Judging Army.

After thinking for a while, Xia Pingan spoke slowly, “Let me ask, what is my inspector responsible for?”

“The inspection by the Donggang Inspection Office of Shangjing City failed the integration of the Jiezhu two days ago and was seriously injured. The Donggang Inspection Office was not chaired. If you take office, you will chair the Donggang Inspection Office!” Lan fearless said, “Presumably The adults have heard a lot of news in the upper capital in the past two days, Blood Demon Religion r

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