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Glorious Summoner Chapter 242

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After killing Situ Hua, he never thought that the new inspector would actually keep him to ask this question?

What is this for? Is it to test whether you are clean or not, or is it so direct because you think of yourself as a trustworthy person, or is it just joking with yourself?

“cough cough cough…” Situ Hua coughed loudly, as if he was really choked, his face was flushed, and taking advantage of the opportunity of coughing, his head quickly flew up, thinking about how to answer.

The inspector who can ask this way is not an idiot, or a very difficult to deal with backstage, so powerful that you don’t have to worry about being investigated by the above, so it is so unscrupulous.

“Why, is this question difficult to answer, don’t tell me you don’t know it!” Xia Pingan remained calm and composed while handling pressing affairs, looking at Situ Hua, watching Situ Hua’s small eyes twirl around. Without stopping, Xia Pingan knew that Situ Hua was thinking about how to answer.

Show your true face to attract the firepower of the Blood Demon Religion to the Emperor His Highness the Crown Prince. The oil and water of this inspector is the subsidy for high-risk work. How can Xia Pingan be polite? Even if Beitang Wangchuan knows it, Xia Pingan Dare to be sure, Beitang Wangchuan will never say a word.

“No, no, I was thinking how to explain to the adults, this…this explanation is a bit complicated…” Situ Hua said quickly, and his face became a little normal.

“It doesn’t matter, we have time, you speak slowly, I listen slowly!”

Situ Hua gritted his teeth and finally made up his mind, and began to say with a serious face, “Cough cough, just now the adults said how to make money, the adults are actually wrong!”

“Oh, what’s wrong?” Xia Pingan squinted and asked with a smile.

The expression on Situ Hua’s face was as straight as a report, “My lord, as the Donggang inspector, the tens of thousands of Business Groups, Trading Companies, businesses and shops on the grounds of Donggang are safe and stable, and the entire Donggang district is safe and secure. The lives and property of millions of people are safe. The large and small cargo ships on this wharf are safe to enter and exit, but it depends on adults to maintain. Although there are also police stations in Donggang District, the police stations can only handle ordinary trivial matters. Catch those petty thefts, resolve ordinary person disputes, and maintain order on the market. When the police station encounters summoners and those with various special abilities, ordinary policemen can’t even count as cannon fodder. We have to rely on the adjudication army and the inspectorate to deal with the situation. Sir, do you think your position is important?”

Xia Pingan touched her chin, “You said that, it’s really important!”

“Of co

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