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Glorious Summoner Chapter 240

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“Your Majesty ends its western tour and will return to the capital soon”

“A corpse poison was found yesterday in Yizhen, Western District, Beijing, and a family of four were infected. The ruling army has dealt with it in time”

“Shangjing City Police Department reminds you that if you find suspicious persons, etc., you can get up to 10,000 Gold Coin rewards if you report them in time”

The black rental carriage was running happily on the street, the street was hurrying, the carriages and horses in the poncho hiding under the carport wiped a hand of rain from their faces, and continued to drive the carriage, the rain outside the window crash-bang The next time, raindrops hit the window of the car, and the entire capital city was shrouded in a mist of rain and fog, and the sky was a lead-grey piece.

Xia Pingan is sitting in the carriage, without a Ruyi mask on her face, but has returned to her original form.

He was wearing a black robe. He looked at the newspaper he received in the morning, tapped his fingers on the car window lightly, and his head was spinning fast.

Today is the 2nd day, June 1st, today’s heavy rain seems to herald the arrival of the rainy season in the capital.

After meeting with Lan fearless yesterday, Xia Pingan directly threw the key to Zhougong Building to Cao Cao. Early this morning, Xia Pingan was going to take up the post of Donggang Inspection Office, and Zhou Gonglou was completely left to Cao Cao. .

These days, there have been four or five corpse poisoning incidents published in newspapers, but with the exception of the garrison Legion, in the other corpse poisoning incidents, not many people were poisoned, at least one or two people. There were as many as seven or eight people, and these corpse poisons had been pacified by the ruling army without causing much impact.

But even so, the entire capital city was still alarmed.

The people who were poisoned by the corpse have turned into ashes, but the members of the Blood Demon Religion who used the poison have not found them, and there are no clues available. No wonder the people in the capital are a little frightened.

To tell the truth, Xia Pingan sympathizes with the Judgment Army and Beitang Wangchuan, because it is too easy to hide a few people in a prosperous city like Shangjing. The current situation is that the enemy is in the dark. It is really not an easy task for the ruling army to get people out.

Ordinary people need to face to face to poison, and for a summoner who masters more heavier spells, as long as there is corpse poison in his hands, the key is too simple, and it is completely possible to achieve top secret.

The few people who were exposed to the corpse poison in the newspapers had no similarities and intersections. Some people got home from get off work and took a

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