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Glorious Summoner Chapter 235

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The advanced speed of Xia Pingan’s fusion of world beads is simply shocking…

When he walked to the basement, Xia Pingan estimated that after half a month at most, he could formally enter the Three Suns Realm.

But in this half a month, as the spheres became more and more integrated, new problems also gradually emerged. That is, Xia Pingan discovered that he can buy it in Tianyuanqiao Night Vision relatively cheaply and he doesn’t have it. There are fewer and fewer world beads that have been fused.

Yes, the common world beads are that many, and the number is fixed. The more you blend, the less blendable you will encounter.

And even if some beads have not been fused, the price is too exaggerated. Even if Xia Pingan knows how to blend, but after calculation, the beads of thousands of Gold Coins or even tens of thousands of Gold Coins are not cost-effective.

Not only that, Xia Pingan discovered that after the Blood Demon Religion battle on the 15th, the capital seemed calm and tranquil, but the price of the Jiezhu sold in the Tianyuanqiao Night Market was unconsciously increasing in a short half. Less than a month, the price of the beads in the night market, whether it is the beads in the shops or the Bounty Hunter stalls, has risen by more than 20%…

The price of Jiezhu is rising, and the daily necessities of rice, noodles, grains and oils in the capital have fluctuated slightly during the recent half a month, but it is not obvious.

The reason for the price increase of Jiezhu, according to the newspaper, is that the northern border of Dashang Country is a bit unstable. Several large tribes of the northern demon wolf clan are showing signs of moving south, and some groups and organizations that smell the wind have begun. Hoarding Boundary Beads-This is an old routine. As long as there is a turmoil and the situation is tense, someone will start hoarding Boundary Beads and rice grains.

According to some Bounty Hunters in the night market, in the last month, for unknown reasons, the number of monsters outside the capital city and underground began to decrease, and the number of these monsters was small and appeared on the market. The number of world beads began to decrease, and the price naturally began to rise.

Why did the monsters appear in the open sea and underground decreased? Those Bounty Hunters didn’t know, because this situation is very abnormal and it is not often encountered.

Anyway, there seems to be something wrong…

Xia Pingan keenly felt the undercurrent of the peaceful situation in Shangjing.

Came to the basement, sit in the lotus position, Xia Pingan took out a world bead flashing with light purple brilliance.

There are four small seals “seven steps into poems” in the world beads. This world beads was bought with more than 800 Gold Coins at the nig

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