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Glorious Summoner Chapter 232

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Xia Pingan’s consciousness was immersed in the changes of the secret mandala…

The upper limit of divine force in the algae well of the temple skyrocketed by 188 points, from the previous 1437 points to 1625 points. From the divine force, as expected, he has already met the conditions for the advanced two-sun realm.

During the time when he was in the capital, Xia Pingan’s divine force was not consumed much. Coupled with the natural recovery every month, his divine force at the moment is basically full.

The biggest change is not the increase in divine force, but other changes in the secret mandala.

In the Northwest of the secret mandala village, Xia Pingan just saw a building that did not appear in the secret mandala before. It was a barracks. The barracks were a bit like the Wild Goose Sect in Wild Goose Sect. The camp is also built in the valley between the two mountains, covering a large area.

In the center of the barracks, there is a huge bronze relief. The picture on the relief is a scene of Xia Pingan and Li Mu walking through the court of the Huns with iron horses. The iron horses on the relief are lifelike. The Knights are wearing armors. Holding a bow, holding a spear, holding a knife, a war horse galloping, standing on both feet, majestic and majestic, the Huns on the reliefs are either wolf-rushing, or full of horror…

This is the first relief that appeared outside the temple. This relief has a beam of light that shoots into the temple and complements the golden words of the temple, directly igniting the word “Iron Cavalry”.

Just now Xia Pingan was in the secret mandala for a while before summoning a cavalry in relief.

A cavalry, consumed 18 points of divine force.

When the cavalry in the relief came out from the brilliant relief of rays of light on the horse, the majestic appearance made Xia Pingan’s eyes shine.

The cavalry who came out of summon, wearing armor, carrying a strong bow, quiver on the saddle, and holding a long spear, baleful aura.

Xia Pingan’s eyes only lingered on the horse, and the attribute of the horse appeared in front of Xia Pingan’s eyes.

In the secret mandala, the character will appear as an attribute, which means that the character can be summoned in large quantities and is not unique.

summon character: storm cavalry-elite level

Divine force consumption: 18

Life: 140

Wisdom: 75

military force: 62

Skills: 1. Death assault, 2. Ride and shoot. 3. Trample

innate talent: the light of life

Plane’s arrival time: 720 minutes.

Storm cavalry is the strongest cavalry of Yanzhao Naner, who can summon summon, but the storm cavalry out of his summon has the word “elite”, which seems to be somewhat different.

For summoners, the attributes of their summon characters are the best secrets that on

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