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Glorious Summoner Chapter 233

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“Well, it’s delicious, delicious, so delicious… Ben… The girl has never eaten such delicious noodles…”

In the restaurant, Xia Pingan cooked a large bowl of noodles. He ate a half of it himself, and all the rest was eaten hastily.

Not only the noodles are finished, but even the soup in the noodles is not left.

Xia Pingan watched the hastily girl eating his noodles. For some reason, when the hassle girl was eating noodles, she seemed to be a bit gobbled, but it didn’t make people feel vulgar and rude, on the contrary, there was a kind of frankness and naturalness. Feeling, even somewhat elegant.

What a hell!

Xia Pingan muttered in her heart, seeking an explanation for herself, maybe she saw that she thought of Xia Ning…

“Anything else?” Hastily lifts the head, a beautiful face like an angel, looking at Xia Pingan eagerly, and blinking cutely.

“No…” Just under the hasty gaze, Xia Pingan also put the last noodles in her bowl into her mouth, then picked up the bowl, ruthlessly drank the last bit of soup.

“By the way, you didn’t seem to sleep well last night, aren’t you used to it?” Xia Pingan asked after drinking the soup and putting down her bowl.

“I didn’t know if you were unreliable or a bad person yesterday, so I didn’t dare to sleep last night, and I raised the door of the guest room…” Hastily lit as it should be by rights The head said, “It seems that you are not a bad person, and a bad person should not be able to make such delicious noodles…”

Xia Pingan is speechless, what logic is this?

Forget it, no matter what, this girl is staring, I guess she won’t stay here for long…

“Remember, wash the dishes…” Xia Pingan said hastily.

“What, you let me wash the dishes?” Pointing to his nose hastily, raising his eyebrows, staring at Xia Pingan.

Xia Pingan stared back in a higher tone, “Have you ever seen a chef wash dishes? There is no reason to eat other people’s food for nothing. You have to wash the dishes and two bowls after you eat the noodles I cook. It’s a bargain for you. If you dare to eat the King’s meal outside, if you meet a fierce one, you will be caught and washed for a month’s bowls, and you will have to wash and mop the floor, or maybe even sell you to the mountain. Let you give birth to others…”

“Oh, just wash it, why are you so fierce?” The imposing manner suddenly withered.

“Wash the dishes and chopsticks and put them in the kitchen where they are installed…” Before leaving the restaurant, Xia Pingan also confessed.

It’s just…

Only a few steps after Xia Pingan walked out of the room, she heard a “clang cry” behind her. It was the sound of a bowl falling to the ground and breaking.

Xia Pingan turned her head and saw her tongue hastily stuck out, looking at herself a little embarrassed.

For the sake of those Go

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