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Glorious Summoner Chapter 236

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Hearing Beitang Wangchuan said that he was a customer, he had no choice but to glance at him hastily, akimbo, “Okay, you are a customer, once you interpret a dream 100 Gold Coin, there are a lot of copper plates, so take the money! “

100Gold Coin?

Beitang Wangchuan slightly smiled, even if it is 1 million Gold Coin, it is only this for him, he just took out a 100 Gold Coin gold ticket and handed it hastily, “Can I go in now? ?”

Hastily accepted the gold ticket, but did not forget to warn Beitang Wangchuan, “If you are crazy, I will ask my father to say that you bully me!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have a dream. There are too many scammers in the capital. Many people just master a little dream-acting method, so they lie everywhere and say that they are a dream-occupier. See if the shopkeeper of the public building this week is a liar!”

“You’re waiting here, I’ll go inside first, I can call you again!” After having said hastily, put away the gold ticket, and walked towards the inner hall. After a while, he came out hastily, “OK Come, come with me, you can be the only one!”

Beitang Wangchuan laughed, let the person who followed him stay in Outer Hall, he walked hastily to the inner hall, through a daoist sect, a corridor, and came to a small attic in the bamboo forest , I saw Xia Pingan.

The “Seven Steps into Poetry” this world bead provided Xia Pingan with 30 points of divine force, 30 words in seven steps of poem, and one word for one divine force. After the integration just now, Xia Pingan experienced it silently in the attic With the skills of “Lotus step by step”.

The magic of this “Divine Skill World Bead” is that once integrated, Xia Pingan can use divine force to activate this footwork skill. This skill seems to be an auxiliary skill for summoner combat and escape. Just now Xia Pingan tried it silently in the yard, and this skill actually allowed him to step on the lotus leaves in the yard pool and walk like flying, and the whole person was ecstatic, really useful.

Xia Pingan originally thought that no one would come to occupy the dream today, didn’t expect, there was a business coming early this morning.

Sitting behind the table and looking at Beitang Wangchuan who was walking behind hastily, Xia Pingan blinked. This hasty face is a bit similar to Beitang Wangchuan, especially the noses of the two. It’s tall and straight, it’s almost like a stamp printed in a mold. This man is older than the sloppy, he won’t be the sloppy big brother…

If I have a younger sister unfathomable mystery who runs out of the house half a month, I should also check it out, right?

Xia Pingan felt a little bit in her heart.

Compared with Xia Pingan, the divine light flashed in Beitang Wangchuan’s eyes at the moment he saw Xia Pingan, and the shock in his heart was even more unspeakab

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