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Glorious Summoner Chapter 237

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People coming, people going, cars coming and going on the road outside Zhougong Building, and when Beitang Wangchuan walked out of Zhougong Building, passing by a bronze carriage drawn by two white horses The people in the car were originally looking at the scenery on both sides of the street in the carriage, but suddenly saw Beitang Wangchuan walking out of the Zhougong Building.

The people in the car almost thought they were dazzled.

Looking again, when I saw the old man next to Beitang Wangchuan, the talent in the car was shocked.

Beitang Wangchuan’s carriage stopped at the door of Zhougong Building. It was a carriage drawn by two black horses. Beitang Wangchuan’s browsers were slightly knitted and walked out of the carriage. The carriage was on the road. Ran quickly.

“The car is by the side of the road, stop, give way out, let the black carriage pass first…”

In the bronze carriage, the person sitting in the car tells the driver.

The bronze carriage slowed down and leaned to the side of the road, letting the black carriage of Beitang Wangchuan overtake the front and drove past.

When the carriage of Beitang Wangchuan drove past, the bronze carriage turned around and returned the same way.

When passing by the Zhougong Building, the bronze carriage window curtain was opened. Behind the carriage window, the face of a white and fat middle-aged man in his fifties was revealed. The man squinted his eyes. I looked at the facade of Zhougonglou again in surprise, and was surprised-the Emperor Crown Prince Beitang Wangchuan actually came here to occupy his dream, what the hell?

But the man in the car didn’t get off the carriage, just flashed by on the road.


In the carriage where Beitang Wangchuan was riding, she was still frowning slightly.

To tell the truth, he is skeptical about Xia Pingan’s dreams. Xia Pingan shouldn’t know his identity, right? Or is Xia Pingan using that dream to imply something, or is it asking for credit? But even if it’s a hint, it’s not right. Zhanmeng is the future, not the past.

Is Xia Pingan nonsense, or is she really able to use dreams to reveal good and bad luck?

Beitang Wangchuan is very clear about the methods used by the dream masters in Shangjing City. It can be said that more than 90% of the dream masters in Shangjing City are basically liars, who are desperate. The tricks of the low-level summoners who have made a fortune, the tricks used by the dream masters to deceive people, is to first buy the dream master world beads and the corresponding divine sense crystals at a high price, and after the dream master world beads are combined to obtain the dream performance, they can play Dreaming is used as a guise, using swindler’s rhetoric of fortune-telling to bluff in the capital.

These swindlers, dream masters, are pop

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