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Glorious Summoner Chapter 254

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“Xia Pingan…you…you…you…I am also an inspector…when I was an inspector, you didn’t know where it was…you don’t talk nonsense… Don’t be too arrogant!” Yao You often trembles with anger and speaks incoherently. He points to Xia Pingan and yells, “You…you trespass to the governor’s residence in the capital…arbitrarily arrest the governor’s family…something happens, you can bear it. Are you responsible…I am maintaining local security…”

Xia Pingan looked at Yao Chang’s flustered and exasperated pustules, disdainful smile, “I am an inspector, of course I can bear this responsibility, but you, Huang Family asked you to come forward, you are ready to Did Huang Family die?”

“What do you mean?”

Xia Pingan’s eyes suddenly became cold, murderous intention overflowed, “Just now Huang Family’s steward obstructed the Inspectorate’s handling of the case, but I was killed on the spot by Huang Family and turned to ashes. Would you like to try it?”

Hearing what Xia Pingan said, Yao Youchang’s face changed again. Huang Family’s steward is who, of course, he knew that the two had dealt more than once. Huang Family steward was an expert in Sanyang Realm, and Like him, didn’t expect was actually beheaded by Xia Pingan in Huang Family.

None of the Huang Family members told him this news.

Xia Pingan approached Yao Chang a step, looked at Yao You Chang’s swollen fat face, imposing manner and said compellingly, “Whoever dares to stop me today, I will behead. If you dare to reach out, it will affect me. If you handle the case, I will dare to kill you here!”

“Do you dare?” Yao You always said Li Neilun, “You have only joined the Judgment Army for a few days, and the Judgment Army has no turn for you to be in the upper capital regardless of the law and of natural morality!”

“Don’t you dare? Huang Wei is in that carriage. If you have the courage, you can pick him up. I will tell you in front of the golden sun inspectorate, as long as you have these paws today. Dare to touch Huang Wei and these three carriages. As long as you dare to move your finger, I will kill you as a prisoner. If you don’t believe me, try!” Xia Pingan looked at Yao Youchang coldly, “I will give you In the time of twenty breaths, if you have the courage, go and take Huang Wei away from the carriage…”

After talking with Yao you often, Xia Pingan turned to tell Long Chao and the others, “Look at it, no one has to stop it, just see if the inspector Yao has the courage to come up from our carriage. Take people away!”

“Yes!” Long Chao and the others answered.

Yao Youchang looked at Xia Pingan and then at the people behind him, his lips trembling.

He really wants to save Huang Wei from the carriage, but Xia Pingan has already put a lot of words on him. If he moves, Xia Pingan might really be a killer.

Yao Youchang is stru

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