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Glorious Summoner Chapter 252

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In the blink of an eye, when everyone around felt that they had escaped from the terrifying and huge flame furnace, Steward Huang of the Yellow House was in the flames of Vermilion Bird, flesh and blood turned into ashes, what has been burned There is nothing left.

No, there are still some things left.

A cry…

The body protection armor that Steward Huang took out, turned into a ball of indistinct black metal iron, and fell heavily to the ground.

In addition to this thing, there is also a crash-bang that Steward Huang carries with him. The crash-bang that flows down the Gold Coin. The gold coin that flows out was melted and flowed down in the blink of an eye. As for the other explosions, it seems that There are still a lot of golden tickets, medicine pill, etc., in the flames, they blinked into ashes, and nothing was left.

This crisp sound seemed to free everyone around from the terrifying perception that was like a nightmare just now.

The light and shadow of Burning Sky Vermilion Bird, like a nightmare, hovered in front of everyone in the Yellow Mansion.

Xia Pingan is like a feather, gently falling from the air to the ground.

The water on the ground has dried up, and the water on the ground around hundreds of square meters has also dried up. There is no sign of rain. On the place where Steward Huang was just now, except for the metal bump, there was only a puddle that gradually solidified The golden water, the terrifying heat that gradually dissipated in the entire space, caused the rainwater that did not fall to evaporate before it hit the ground, forming a strange cloud of volcanic eruption over the Huangfu.

Xia Pingan looked towards the other guards and nursing homes in Huangfu, several guards holding guns shook their hands, their faces turned white, and all the guns they were holding fell to the ground.

As for the summoner of the Huangfu who just released the Fireball to Xia Pingan, his face was as white as paper, and his eyes were somewhat absent-minded. Because of fear, his body was trembling unconsciously. Until this time, that The summoner felt that he had just walked back and forth in the gates of hell. Steward Huang was a summoner of the Three Suns realm. The strongest person in the entire Huang Mansion was obliterated by this inspector. If the inspector attacked him, Then he probably didn’t know how he died.

“Fen Tian Vermilion Bird…Fen Tian Vermilion Bird…” The summoner of the Huang Mansion muttered to himself, like a demented person, waiting for him to touch Xia Pingan’s eyes until he was frightened. He took a few steps back.

The legendary Burning Sky Vermilion Bird only comes from the Summoning Spell of the Holy King Realm Orb, but the 100,000 people who merge the Holy King Realm Orb, even with the divine sense crystal, can only master the Water E

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