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Glorious Summoner Chapter 250

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Looking at the high wall in front of him, Long Chao’s resolute eyebrows wrinkled slightly and walked in front of Xia Pingan, saying solemnly, “My lord, this family who lives here is probably not an ordinary person. If we rashly go in and search Maybe it will cause some trouble, or I will ask someone to find out the details of the people who live here, and then determine the action plan…”

What Long Chao said is the safest way. Even the hot-tempered Hua Ziqin did not say anything. Hua Ziqin is not brainless. She also knows that Shangjingcheng is not an ordinary place. Although the Donggang Inspection Office is powerful Institutions, but the most indispensable thing in Shangjingcheng is a powerful institution. Some people have eyes on Heavenspan, and they rushed in, provoke no one to know.

Everyone’s eyes were on Xia Pingan’s face.

The drizzle and wind also blew Xia Pingan’s face. There were crystal raindrops on Xia Pingan’s eyelashes, and he glanced at everyone.

“I know what everyone is worried about, but we have been here and we have determined that the rubbish is inside. Only when we go in can we determine who the person is and bring the rubbish to justice. If We have been delaying the time, so that the trash has been alert and ran away, or left the capital directly. How do we find it?

In the case of that garbage, I don’t know how many innocent women will be victimized in the future. In the upper capital, we cannot search and enter at will, except for the imperial city. Other places, even government agencies at all levels, where they are responsible, are inspected. It can also be just and honorable to enter the search. No matter who the person is today, I must arrest that person and bring it back to the Superintendent Office. I will bear all the responsibilities. I will take care of any problems. If you are worried, you can not use it! “

After saying this, Xia Pingan walked directly towards the alley next to her, her figure submerged in the drizzle.

The alley leading to the front door of the compound is searched and arrested. Naturally, it is just and honorable to go through the front door and enter through the front door. You can’t sneak over the wall, and the one who overcame the wall is a thief.

Black Dragon wagged his tail and followed Xia Pingan.

Long Chao and Hua Ziqin glanced at each other. Long Chao gritted their teeth and followed directly. Hua Ziqin also followed. The other members of the Supervision Department were silent for two seconds, and they were all right. Followed along.

Ten people and a dog had become silent when they walked through the alley to the outside of the alley. They followed Xia Pingan, who was walking in front, and moved towards the front entrance of the courtyard.

The front entrance of the courtyard is a vermilion gate tower. On the g

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