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Glorious Summoner Chapter 253

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“pa ……”

As soon as the guard’s voice fell, Huang Young Master’s face changed slightly. The tea cup in his hand, like a hot soldering iron, fell from Huang Young Master’s hand and fell to the ground, shattered. …

Mrs. Yue glanced at Huang Young Master, and she felt a little bit in her heart.

“It’s the opposite, it’s the opposite, it’s a decent way, a small inspection office actually made trouble in our Huang Mansion, Du Hu Yuan, Steward Huang, pass on my words, all those who make trouble Grab it, I can’t see that the adjudicating army will sue them…” Madam Huang was so angry that she slim eyebrows, she slapped the table, and reprimanded in full force.

“Steward Huang is dead…” A voice came from outside to the house.

With this voice, Xia Pingan, wearing a black waterproof trench coat and a black felt hat, walked in calmly from the outside.

The guard of the old report shuddered again when he saw Xia Pingan.

Black Dragon ran in front of Xia Pingan. As soon as he entered the house, he barked at Huang Weihuang Young Master wang wang wang~.

Xia Pingan’s gaze looked towards the Huang Young Master, and said to her heart that she found…

When the Huang Young Master saw Xia Pingan, it was like a mouse seeing a cat. The instinctive fear made his body shrink backward.

Long Chao and several other members of the Inspection Department also followed Xia Pingan.

“What are you talking about, Steward Huang is dead?” Mrs. Huang was shocked for a moment, and suddenly furious, “talk nonsense, how could Steward Huang die, who are you, who is your chief, dare to trespass into the Yellow Mansion without permission? , I’m talking nonsense here, and disturbing my guests in the Huang Mansion, so brave!” Madam Huang pointed at Xia Pingan condescendingly, “I know all of you, Lord Lin Yi of the Judiciary Army. This is how Sir Lin teaches you how to do things. Is it? You still don’t leave me…”

Xia Pingan turned his gaze to Madam Huang and glanced at Madam Huang lightly, “This is Madam Huang, right? I am the inspector of the East Port Inspection Office, Xia Pingan. A month ago, we had Many women were injured by QJ. We caught a murderer, but another murderer is at large. Today, I traced the murderer to the Yellow Mansion based on clues. Huang Mansion Steward just blocked our inspection office from handling the case, and even shot us. Killed by me!”

“Impossible…impossible…” Mrs. Huang was also frightened, her face panicked, she looked towards the guard of Huangfu who came to report, and asked sharply, “Where is Steward Huang, why is Steward Huang not coming?”

“Steward Huang…Steward Huang was just killed by…by this person and turned into ashes…” the guard said.

These words sounded like thunder in the ears of Huang Family mother and son-Steward Huang was really killed?

“I handled

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