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Glorious Summoner Chapter 245

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“crash-bang ……crash-bang ……”

Hearing Qi Dafeng’s introduction, the man who had been silent in the cell like a rock suddenly stood up, dragged his heavy metal shackles, moved towards the door of the cell.

As soon as the man stood up, Xia Pingan realized that the man was a little tall, nearly two meters tall, with legs like two pillars, and almost one person could stand on one shoulder.

The shackles that this person wears are special equipment tailored for Martial Artist, which can limit Martial Artist’s fighting spirit. The shackles are different from the summoner. The chains on the shackles are thicker than the thumb, that person A large iron ball weighing several hundred kilograms was also tied to his fetters, dragging it on the floor of the cell and making a dull noise.

The man walked over in silence, like an angry lion and a human-shaped tank.

Xia Pingan remained silent, but Qi Dafeng and several other inner defenders who followed Xia Pingan became nervous. Several inner defenders took out their clubs and stood in front of Xia Pingan. Qi Dafeng’s hands were also He pressed the holster on his waist and quickly said to Xia Pingan, “My lord, this person is very dangerous. Even if his fighting spirit and body are restricted, once he gets close, this person can squeeze the stone like flour with his bare hands. It’s the same, it’s too dangerous, so please step back…”

The man in the cell walked to the iron fence, clutched the alloy iron fence with both hands, and stuck a horrible face like a weathered cracked rock on the iron fence, cold and oppressive Stared at Xia Pingan,

Xia Pingan laughed and separated the guards in front of him. Instead, moved towards the prison door and walked a few steps, almost to the iron fence, calmly watching the person who came by, ” What do you want to tell me? If you don’t speak, you may be locked up for a long, long time!”

“They are all afraid of me, aren’t you afraid of me?” The man finally said, his hoarse voice echoed from his throat, deep and strong.

Qi Dafeng was nervous and sweating, for fear that the man’s big hands were sticking out from the iron fence. At the same time, he was a little shocked because this was the first time the man in the cell spoke after being caught. Oh talk.

“Why should I be afraid of you? If you do bad things, you should be afraid of me!”

“Bad thing? hahaha…” The man suddenly laughed wildly, the whole cell was shaking, and both of the men suddenly grabbed the iron fence, and the iron fence that was thicker than the child’s arm suddenly creaked creak. The sound of the man’s breath rose wildly, his eyes suddenly red, “Do you know what a bad thing is? What is a bad person, the real devil, will stay in a cell? How dirty is the capital, do you know?” [ 19459002]

“The upper capital is indeed not very clean, an

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