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Glorious Summoner Chapter 246

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“Hua Ziqin hasn’t come back yet?” Xia Pingan sat comfortably on the soft and thick leather chair, took a sip of Wei Meiyu’s fragrant green tea, and glanced at the time on the clock on the wall of the room , Satisfied put out a breath.

The first day I came to this inspection office to take office, after a day of tossing, finally tossing about everything that should be done.

“Well, the adults asked her to collect evidence. There are more than one victimized women, and some may have moved, so they probably won’t be back for a while!” Situ Hua stood at Xia Pingan’s desk and looked at it. Xia Pingan’s face, cautiously reported to Xia Pingan, “The lawyer Jiang, I have taken him to visit those insurance companies and the security Business Group, and I have already given them all the words of the adults. The shopkeepers of several insurance companies and the owner of the Security Business Group actually want to find the opportunity to visit the adults in person!”

Xia Pingan looked at Situ Hua blankly, “Huh? When would I tell you to take Lawyer Jiang to visit some insurance company and security Business Group, why don’t I know about this?”

Upon hearing what Xia Pingan said, Situ Hua froze for a moment. The next second he felt his heart beating violently, sweating like pulp, fucking. This is to leave the relationship aside. There are two layers of insurance, White Gloves and Lawyer Jiang. Not enough, he collects money behind his back, should something happen to throw himself out as a substitute…

Thinking of the consequences, Situ Hua’s feet softened, almost unable to stand.

“Hahaha, don’t be nervous, make a joke with you, look at your face changed!” Xia Pingan suddenly laughed, and it was like a spring breeze, “Those people are gone, even if we meet, It’s nothing more than listening to some flattering words, meaningless, anti-regular, as usual, meet again if you need to, as long as they give me one word of my hard money every month and deposit it in the account!” [ 19459002]

Situ Hua wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and smiled forcefully, “I am old and can’t be frightened. Adults, please don’t open for me in the future!”

“Well, what do you think of Lawyer Jiang?”

Situ Hua calmed his mind, “What adults see is that this person is cautious, and that he is still smart and does not do stupid things. If adults use him, then it shows that he has something to use. Even if he does stupid things, he must It’s also very easy to settle!”

Xia Pingan laughed, nodded, “Thanks for your hard work today, now the time is almost up, let’s go back from get off work!”

“No hard work, no hard work, it is my honor to be able to do things for adults!” Situ Hua wiped cold sweat and laughed, but carefully stepped back, and then turned and moved towards the office door and walked.

Xia Pingan g

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