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Glorious Summoner Chapter 248

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As the boss of the inspection office, Xia Pingan wanted to come to the inspection office any time he wanted to come to the inspection office. He avoided the rush hour of going to work in the capital in the morning, and only sat in a car at about ten in the morning. The rental carriage came outside the inspection office.

“It is an honor for me to be able to serve adults!”

After the honest-looking taxi driver opened the door for Xia Pingan, he did not receive Xia Pingan’s money, but gave a salute to Xia Pingan and drove away.

Xia Pingan was stunned for a while, and then he took the money again with a wry smile.

The car dealership is very capable. Xia Pingan originally thought that this carriage was called casually on the road. It seems that the dealership arranged to wait for him on the street outside the alley. The gorgeous rental carriage yesterday I left without saying goodbye. It is estimated that the car dealership thought that he did not like being too ostentatious, so today he arranged a relatively ordinary rental carriage for himself.

This is also the heart of the car dealer, Xia Pingan can’t say anything.

The entire upper capital was shrouded in drizzle, and the streets were foggy,

The slightly cold air made Xia Pingan want to buy a carriage. In the capital, it is not very convenient to have no carriage. If you always take a rental carriage, your whereabouts will be exposed and privacy cannot be considered, but If you want to buy a carriage, hiring a driver is also a problem. If the driver is unreliable, there will be a lot of trouble.

Xia Pingan secretly sighed when approaching the entrance of the inspection office, take it easy.

“My lord, you are here…”

Seeing Xia Pingan entering the gate of the inspection office under an umbrella, Luo Laoyao ran out from the gatehouse with his dog and greeted Xia Pingan nodded with a bow.

Luo Laojiao’s dog also wags its tail madly at Xia Pingan, which is quite interesting.

“Has Hua Ziqin come back?” Xia Pingan asked by the way.

“I have come back. She will come back before dawn today. Except for the person on duty, she was the first to go to the inspection office!”

“Okay, got it!” Xia Pingan nodded and walked towards the building of the Supervision Department.

It seems that Hua Ziqin was busy all night yesterday.

Entering the inspection office, those inspecting office staff and summoners who saw Xia Pingan stood on the side of the aisle one by one, gave way to Xia Pingan and saluted Xia Pingan.

Coming out of her office, Wei Meiyu hurriedly greeted her and took over Xia Pingan’s umbrella.

Hua Ziqin, who had been waiting outside the office, also stood up, “My lord…”

“Did you get the things?” Xia Pingan asked directly.

“It has been taken. Several of the victimized women have moved.

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