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Glorious Summoner Chapter 244

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The necks of the people in the dungeon of the Inspection Department wear black metal shackles on their hands and feet. The shackles are linked with black chains. They are packed in a cell of more than ten square meters. , Flattered, or looked at the entire group walking into the dungeon with a look of fear.

The metal shackles on those people can not only confine their divine force, but also confine their bodies. Once put on, below the Seven Suns, they are no different from mortals, with dozens of catties on their bodies and actions Not even convenient for mortals.

And to open the shackles on those people, two keys are needed, one key is in the hands of the inner guard squad, and the other key can be obtained after Xia Pingan’s signature and approval.

Qi Dafeng walked in the cell and introduced the situation in the cell to Xia Pingan.

“My lord… my lord, I was wronged, let me go out, I don’t dare anymore, I really didn’t do anything…” There was a pleading voice from a cell next to him, a shaggy beard The man with a sallow complexion came to the cell in a crash-bang, dragging his shackles, and the pitiful extend the hand pleaded loudly.

“What did this man commit?” Xia Pingan asked, glanced at the man.

“This person is a suspect. A month ago, a woman in Donggang District was QJ at home at night. After investigation, it was found that the summoner had done the crime. The summoner used the Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground technique to treat those women After being imprisoned, he started committing the crime. The police couldn’t control the case and could not catch anyone. So it was handed over to the Supervision Office. After receiving the case, the Supervision Office arranged several teams to patrol and control the case. Finally, the second team was responsible for the crime The area patrolled and found that this person was sneaking around in the civilian area in the middle of the night, so this person was arrested. Once this person was arrested, the women’s QJ case was gone, so he was locked here…” [ 19459002]

“My lord, I was wronged, I was wronged, I was just stalking someone outside that night, I was Bounty Hunter who picked up the job, not the QJ…” The man yelled in the cell, with Hopeful eyes looked at Xia Pingan.

“Is there any evidence?”

“The QJ criminal did not leave anything when he was violent, so we have not found any favorable evidence or interrogated anything, so we locked this person here and continued the investigation. If evidence is found, Such a scum can be castrated directly before being sent to the trial court, and he does not need to remain locked here…”

The castration that Qi Dafeng said is not an irritating thing, but the law of Dashang Country is indeed stipulated in this way. Once it is confirmed that it is a QJ offender, the first punishm

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