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Glorious Summoner Chapter 313

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“Hahaha, Sang Tian Wu, did you explain your dream to the widow last time, didn’t you say that the widow can’t eat this year’s new wheat? Today, the new wheat has been delivered to the palace, and I have asked the palace chef to make new wheat mutton porridge , I will taste with you later…”

In the splendid Jin King Palace, Jin Jinggong sat on the case and laughed heartily to Xia Pingan condescendingly, humiliating Xia Pingan with words.

This is the world pearl that interprets Jin Jinggong’s dream, and Xia Pingan’s identity at the moment is the Sangtian Wu.

A few days ago, as soon as Xia Pingan opened her eyes, she was recruited by Jin Jinggong to interpret her dreams in the palace. Jin Jinggong dreamed that there was a ghost saying that Jin Jinggong would kill his offspring and demand Jin Jinggong’s life. Xia Pingan’s dream for Jin explained is “Your Majesty can’t eat this year’s new wheat” (will die soon).

These days, Jin Jinggong has been worried, but found that he was okay. Until today Xinmai entered the palace, Jin Jinggong recruited Xia Pingan into the palace again, preparing to perform “Eat New” in front of Xia Pingan. wheat”.

Xia Pingan looked at Jin Jinggong a little speechlessly, without saying a word, thinking that Jin Jinggong’s stomach should be about to hurt. I said that if you can’t eat new wheat, you can’t eat new wheat.

Seeing that Xia Pingan didn’t say a word, Jin Jinggong was even more happy, thinking that Xia Pingan had admitted that he had failed to account for the dream, and he was not exhausted, and laughed heartily after the case.

“Sang Tian Wu, you are talk nonsense, I don’t think you will interpret your dreams anymore. How can something happen to the king, the king vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, absolutely nothing!”

In the great hall, opposite to Xia Pingan, there is a small official from the Imperial court. The small official is now twirling his beard and triumphantly facing Xia Pingan frigid irony and scorching satire.

A few days ago, this little official also had a dream. He dreamed that he was flying into the sky with Jin Jinggong on his back. After waking up, the little official was so happy that he thought it was a sign of his impatience. People everywhere told people that he had made such an “auspicious dream”, and the entire Tang Capital knew about it.

Jin Jinggong also knew, and he was very happy. To humiliate Xia Pingan, he invited this young official here to “try new wheat” together.

Xia Pingan also did not excuse, but with a slightly sympathetic gaze, he looked at the idiot who had made the “lucky dream” and thought that he was going to be so prosperous, and secretly shook his head. If you want to come to me to interpret the dream, I can save your life. You want to court death, and I can’t do it anymore. If you have a dream

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