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Glorious Summoner Chapter 311

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Pingshan, the ruling army camp…

Wei Meiyu lay sideways on the sofa, as if asleep.

Priest Baizhu and Xia Pingan stood beside her. Priest Baizhu held his soul crystal ball in his hand, mutter incantations in his mouth, and the crystal ball turned around on Wei Meiyu’s head.

All kinds of changing lights and shadows appear in the crystal ball, all kinds of faces, all kinds of characters, some faces are blurred, some faces are clear, some are blurred dreams, and some are Wei Meiyu’s daily rides. The scene of a rail bus commuting to and from get off work, and in Wei Meiyu’s intermittent and blurred dreams, a cloud of gray and black fog can be vaguely seen around her head…

After a long time, the white bamboo priest gently put away the soul crystal ball in his hand, turned his head and said to Xia Pingan next to him, “It is certain that it is indeed a dream demon, this little girl was invaded by a dream demon in her sleep. , Unconsciously became the puppet of the dream demon…”

Xia Pingan frowned, “How did her black evil poison come from?”

“It should be that she was stuffed into her bag quietly when she was taking a rail bus to get off work, she didn’t even know it!”

“Can you be sure who gave it to her?”

Baizhu priest shook the head, “I can’t be sure. She will meet a lot of people on the commute to and from get off work every day. The faces in her memory are too vague, and some simply have no memory, and she doesn’t know who it was. Her, so even if you go back to her soul and memory, it is impossible to find that person!”

“In other words, we have no way to find the dream demon and lock the dream demon’s whereabouts?”

“I’m afraid this is the case. So far, the Judging Army has no information about the dream monster. It doesn’t even know whether the dream monster is a male or a female. The dream monster is the most difficult to deal with among the five demons…” [19459002 ]

“Why can the dreamer invade her dreamland?”

The white bamboo priest’s gaze deepened, and he whispered softly, “The mysterious dream can exceed everyone’s imagination. The dream is not an unconscious illusion in the brain, but the spiritual Physique of man in another world. Experience, that world can exist beyond time and space, so many things in the dream are harbingers of the real world, and only then can the dream master appear…”

“What you always mean is that the world in the dream is interlinked, just like the real world, so that the dream monster can control others through dream invasion and make others become puppets?”

“The domain of dreams is unfamiliar to me. This domain is too mysterious, but according to the many signs, I am afraid it is like this. The dream can control others through the influence of dreams without contact with people!” Priest Baizhu took a deep look at Xia Pingan, sho

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