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Glorious Summoner Chapter 316

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It seems that this little black pig has been suppressed too miserably in the past two days, and even dreaming of wanting revenge?

Xia Pingan looked at Yan Xi’s gnashing teeth and wanted to smash her body into pieces. Suddenly, she wanted to laugh.

Being turned into a pig by himself, if this guy doesn’t hate himself, that’s not normal.

But what…

Xia Pingan also felt a little strange. He entered Yan Xi’s dream and stood in the basement in this Yan Xi dream, watching like a strange performance, but Yan Xi Not aware of it.

What kind of state is his current ability? Xia Pingan is not quite clear, but what he can be sure of is that it seems to be much higher than pure dreaming.

Dreaming is just to make other people’s dreams manifest, but at this moment, I am in other people’s dreams. The abilities of the two are too far apart.

By the way, I wonder if I can Sovereign other people’s dreams? Just like when I was outside, Spirit Realm immediately changed when I thought…

This thought flashed through her mind, Xia Pingan looked at the Yan Rhino who was struggling to fight and chopped off the “Xia Pingan” in her dream, a single thought suddenly appeared in her head. Yan Rhinoceros becomes a pig…

This thought just appeared. In that dream, the flame rhinoceros who was laughing wildly blasting “Xia Pingan” to pieces again suddenly slammed, and suddenly turned into a black pig in a plume of smoke, and lost instantly. All the spells.

Yan Xi’s laughter suddenly stopped.

“Fuck, how could this be, how could this be, change it back to me, I don’t want to be a pig…” Yan Rhino, who became a little black pig, roared strangely in his dream.

Let him not speak…

All of a sudden, Yan Xi’s strange roar turned into a pig’s grunt.

Xia Pingan in the Yan Rhinoceros Dreamland was very happy and almost laughed. It turns out that it is really possible. As long as you think of something, what will appear in other people’s dreams, everything in this Spirit Realm , It seems like I am dreaming, whatever I think in my heart will come, interesting, interesting…

Yan Xi, Yan Xi, enjoy it!

Xia Pingan began to “create the plot”, Xia Pingan thought, everything in the dream was changing…

The figure of the fragmented “Xia Pingan” condensed again a little bit, and then Luo Laojiao and his dog also appeared in the secret room, Luo Laojiao smiled, holding “Surgery” in his hand. Toolkit”, Luo Laojiao’s dog rushed out, biting the little black pig that Yan Rhino had transformed into a secret room and screamed and chased him around. The majestic Yan Rhino just now was in front of Luo Laojiao’s dog. Completely defeated.

“My lord, I’ll help you…” Luo Laojiao smiled, beckoning to display a snare to tie the Yan rhinoceros, and then grabbed the Yan rhinoceros and placed it on an operating tab

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