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Glorious Summoner Chapter 314

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If Spirit Realm is behind the huge golden arch, then Spirit Realm, is it the world that Spirit Physique condensed by the divine soul in the dream, as the priest of White Bamboo said?

Does the strange ability of the dream demon also come from this?

Xia Pingan looked at the golden arch in the great hall, and countless questions appeared in Xia Pingan’s mind.

But, how can I get to the so-called Spirit Realm?

These questions just appeared, and in the next second, Xia Pingan found herself standing in the Spirit Realm temple.

Xia Pingan looked at his hands and feet and was stunned. Before, he could only use his own consciousness to enter the secret mandala, but this Spirit Realm temple is like the world in the realm of pearls. He condenses his Spirit Physique here.

Xia Pingan can feel her body still sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed in the secret room, but the feeling of Spirit Physique is completely the same as the body.

That huge golden arch is right by my side, majestic, imposing manner, like a flyover, across the entire great hall.

The thick colorful fog behind the golden arch is rolling, and the eighteen reliefs on the arch are lifelike. Behind the thick fog, there seems to be an unfathomable world, which seems to be able to cross it with just one step.

Xia Pingan stood in front of the golden arch in thought for a moment, but finally resisted the urge to step in.

In the next second, Xia Pingan’s consciousness retreated from the secret mandala and opened his eyes in the secret room.

It’s almost 12 points divine force to advance to the Five Suns Realm. When you reach the Five Suns Realm, your own strength can be improved a lot. It won’t be too late to merge with a Realm Orb before crossing the golden arch, sharpening an axe does not delay the work of chopping firewood, it’s not too short of these few minutes of effort.

Thinking like this in her heart, Xia Pingan looked at the four unfused world beads in the box in front of her, and directly picked up a “Fu Rong Zhanmeng” world bead and pierced her finger. A drop of blood fusion.

The remaining Dreammaster World Beads are the kind of World Beads that no one can integrate without divine sense crystals.


Xia Pingan opened her eyes and found herself sitting on the court. Above the court, a group of officials were standing on both sides, looking at her cautiously, but she didn’t dare to come out, the public case in front of her. Above, there are a lot of official documents.

Fu Rong, with the word Bo Xiu, a famous official in the former Qin clan, son of Emperor Wenhuan Fuxiong, brother of Emperor Xuanzhao Fu Jian, nephew of Jing Ming Emperor Fu Jian, just looking at these three identities, you know that you are above the public hall Why are these people so stubborn in front of them?


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