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Glorious Summoner Chapter 312

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After eating fish meat and drinking in the store, the night was dark. The two walked out of the alley in the residential area, and the carriage and the coachman were still waiting by the roadside.

“Go to Mingjin Road…” Xia Pingan said to the driver and got in the car.

“Why are you going to Mingjin Road?” The iron-faced man in the car asked.

Mingjin Road is just outside seven-eight li, and not far away. The iron-faced man doesn’t know where Xia Pingan is going.

“Hahaha, go find my little pet…” Xia Pingan laughed heartily.

Looking at the look of Xia Pingan, the iron-faced man knew that Xia Pingan really had a way to clean up the little black pig, so he didn’t worry.

The carriage ran up on the road, and just over ten minutes later, it came to the Mingjin Road that Xia Pingan said.

On both sides of Mingjin Road, there are old, low, and old residential areas. At night, in addition to the street lights on the main road, the roads on both sides of Mingjin Road and the streets and alleys are blinded by black lights. Upstairs in the residential area are hanging ropes for drying clothes, and downstairs are the cheap snack night markets on the roadside, theaters, hairdressers, and some prostitutes haunt the alleys on the street. It is noisy, noisy, and full. In addition to the smell of fireworks in the market, there are occasional quarrels…

This is the place where the toiling people in the upper capital live.

“Stop for a moment by the alley at the intersection ahead…” Xia Pingan ordered the coachman, and the rental carriage stopped in the alley at the intersection ahead.

Only a few minutes later, there was a little noise and movement in the dark alley. Xia Pingan didn’t say much, but calmly opened the car door.

The little black pig rushed out of the alley and saw the carriage and the opened door. Without thinking about it, he suddenly jumped up from the outside, jumped into the carriage, and shrank under the seat, shiver coldly.

Not seen in just two hours, the little black pig had a few more bloody wounds on his back, a bag on his head, some hair on his buttocks, blisters, and seemed to have been scalded. .

Xia Pingan closed the car door and let the coachman go to Changle Alley.

The carriage had just walked out more than ten meters, and several five-and-three men with bare arms and upper bodies rushed out from the alley. Some of the men held hammers, some knives, and some took them. With wooden sticks, some with tongs, some with axe, and some with rope.

“Ai, what about that pig, why is it missing?” The man with the knife looked around at the intersection.

“I shouldn’t run far, look for…”

“Yes, if we find it, we will be able to make the tooth sacrifice tonight, roast it and eat it…”

“I don’t believe it, the pig that was delivered to the door

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