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Glorious Summoner Chapter 30

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Two days later, I’m indifferent to the office!

The Quantum Encrypted Video Conference System of the Order Committee has been opened!

A man in his thirties with silver white hair but an unusually handsome face is appearing on the video conference system in front of Mo Yanshao.

Mo Yanshao browses tightly knit, listening to the man's introduction.

"...This is the situation in the province and Xinchuan City. The sacrifices of Devil’s Eyes began to appear intensively. This is not a good sign. Two hours ago, it was in a rented house in Xinchuan City. , We found the second Demon’s Eye in Xinchuan City. The victim was a family of six in a rental house. The murder time has been more than 24 hours. Before death, he was hit by the sharpening of perception technique.

Based on the analysis of various situations at the scene, the demon eye found in Xinchuan City, and the demon eye found in Xianghe City a few days ago, should be the same members of the demon eye. The current situation It’s very serious. The Devil’s Eye is going to make a big move in Dayan..."

Xinchuan is the capital of Yizhou Province, more than 300 kilometers away from Xianghe City, and is the economic and cultural center of Yizhou Province. , The population is larger than Xianghe City, and the economy is more developed than Xianghe City. The province of the State Order Committee of Yizhou Province is naturally also built in Xianghe City.

"Do you mean that the members of the Demon Eye have left Xianghe City and arrived in Xinchuan. They are fleeing and committing crimes? And this time is the collective action of Demon Eye?" Mo Yanshao frowns.

"It’s not what I meant, but the conclusion drawn by the headquarters after analysis!"

"Then it will be troublesome..."

"From the headquarters According to the information and intelligence received, the members of Demon Eye have started to conduct frequent activities in Dayan in the past two weeks. Except Yizhou Province, other provinces and cities have also seen a large number of Demon Eye sacrifices recently. , The number of victims in the last two weeks has reached hundreds..."

"So for some time to come, the situation is not optimistic. The risk and frequency of space invasions are increasing. Xianghe City may suffer again. A larger-scale space invasion..."

"Well, the Demon Eye has to make a big move. The province and headquarters have already culled some of the members of the Demon Eye whose whereabouts have been exposed, but the Demon Eye The action has not stopped. There are constantly lurking members of Demon Eyes being activated and starting to act. There may be more than one member of the lurking Demon Eyes in Xianghe City. You have to be prepared..."

"Yes Yes, in the past few days, Xianghe City has not been calm recently. In the past few days, we found abnormal divine f

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