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Glorious Summoner Chapter 26

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For a summoner, it is not a smart choice for a summoner to show the process of fusing the beads to others.

Room 999 in the building is generally only used when it is fused with the first Divine Fire Realm Orb. To please a good luck, the following Realm Orbs are fused together, and everyone will merge separately in their own room. , The process of fusion will no longer be exposed to others’ vision.

There is a heat-sensing device in the cultivation room. If the fusion person has an accident during the fusion and encounters misfortune, the heat-sensing device can sense it and send out an alarm.

Except for this heat-sensing device, there is no other detection and monitoring equipment in the cultivation room, which is very private.

"The reason why the summoner condensed mandala is called the secret mandala is that everything in the condensed mandala is the summoner’s secrets and hole cards. The less others know, the better, hope I can see you coming down in the restaurant during lunch today!"

This is the only thing Mo Yanshao said to Xia Pingan when he handed the shrine beads to Xia Pingan.

Xia Pingan took the box from Mo Yanshao, closed the door, returned to the cultivation room next to her bedroom, and closed the door of the cultivation room. Only Xia Pingan was left in the entire room. Alone.

Controlling the excitement in her heart, Xia Pingan opened the box containing the altar beads.

A world bead the same size as the god fire world bead lay in the box.

Different from the Divine Fire Realm Bead, green rays of light flashed in the tumbling mist in this realm bead, and the "divine symbol" floating in the rays of light is also the same The divine fire world beads are different.

The divine symbol, in Xia Pingan's eyes, are three identical small seals.




Suirenshi’s is the god fire world pearl, this Youchao’s is the altar Jiezhu, as expected...

A certain guess in her heart was confirmed. Xia Pingan took a deep breath. Although the surface was calm, her heart was overwhelmed.

If it is a coincidence that the three words "Suirenshi" on the Divine Fire World Pearl, then it is a coincidence that the three words "Youchao" on this Divine Fire World Bead are absolutely impossible!

People in this world don’t know the divine symbol, there is no legend of Suirenshi and Youchao, and they don’t know what happened to Suirenshi and Youchao, but they know it!

For example, why the people who merged the gods and fire world beads failed. Xia Pingan has fully understood after experiencing it once. There are two reasons for the failure. One reason is that they don’t know Suirenshi’s historical mission. After the sacred fire of the tribe is extinguished, it really takes the courage of blood energy to venture out to find the fire.

In the legend, those

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