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Glorious Summoner Chapter 29

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In the Great Flame Republic, as long as the division's Level 1 troops are to be dispatched, at least one summoner who can use the "requiem flag" will be dispatched with the army, as long as there is such a summoner to follow The army moves together, and all the soldiers in the army know that as long as the summoner is alive, they can “go home”. Even if they die in battle, their bodies will not be desecrated, and they will not be reduced to solitary soul, unbound ghost. This is The military traditions that have been passed down for many years are the same in all countries.

In society, in the upper class or among the wealthy and powerful families, once someone in the family dies, they will invite a summoner who can use the "requiem flag" to the home, yes The deceased will pray for requiems, so that the deceased’s body can be better preserved after burial, can get the best treatment, and will not be ruined by others.

The summon position of the "Requiem Banner" artifact can only be obtained when fused with the God Altar Realm Bead. If this opportunity is missed, no other realm bead can bring the "Requiem Banner" to the summoner. Summon bit of utensils.

Among the summoners of the Order Committee of Xianghe City, there is no summoner of the "Requiem Banner".

"I think that kid is quite pleasing to the eye. That kid may surprise us this time. If he can master the Requiem Banner after fusing the God Altar Realm Beads this time, let’s go to Xianghe City. In the future, the Order Committee will have a summoner who masters the Requiem Banner. Many things will be convenient, at least if you don't encounter anything, you will need the provincial support..." Tu Poru rubbed his chin, and said with some expectation.

Nodded, who is deeply impressed by Mo Yanshao, the summoner that masters the "requiem flag" is too useful. Xianghe City Order Committee does not have such a summoner to sit in. It is always inconvenient, and I always feel that something is missing.

"You said, will he be a perfect fusion again this time?" Cao Xinghua, who had been drinking soup in silence, suddenly said.

"Hahaha, how is it possible..." Li Yunzhou laughed heartily, "I am not jealous, but there are fewer people who can perfectly blend on the God Altar Realm Bead than the God Fire Realm Bead. Many people who have mastered the requiem flags are not perfectly integrated. He wants to be able to integrate perfectly this time. In addition to mastering three more summon positions, he can also obtain 24 points of divine force, plus the 16 points he obtained before, divine force. It’s 40 points.

This is more divine force and summon positions than some new summoners who have just become summoners. They can be perfectly integrated twice in the Foundation Establishment Boundary Bead. Such a genius, Yizhou The province hasn’t been there for m

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