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Glorious Summoner Chapter 25

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After dinner, Xia Pingan went to the shooting range to practice guns alone again.

A few days ago, when Xia Pingan was using that Manuin MR98, every time he fired a shot, his wrist and shoulder could clearly feel the pistol's every bullet. With strong recoil, after hitting more than ten or twenty rounds in a row, Manuin MR98 became uncontrollable.

The kinetic energy of the muzzle of the AK47 is 2000 joules. The kinetic energy of the muzzle of an ordinary pistol is about 500 joules, while the kinetic energy of the Manuel MR98 using .50 magnum bullets can be as high as At 3100 joules, you can imagine the formidable power and recoil of this pistol.

And that night, when Xia Pingan was testing the Manuel MR98, he felt that the recoil of the gun could be easily adapted with one hand.


In the bullet training field……


Manuin The muzzle of the MR98 was spouting fire, and the cartridge was rotating steadily and rhythmically. The silver pistol was held firmly in Xia Pingan's hand, and the head of the humanoid target 50 meters away was constantly hit by bullets.

Xia Pingan can easily finish four rounds of 24 rounds in the blink of an eye. There is no discomfort in the wrists and arms. This Manuel MR98 is in the hands of Xia Pingan, and the shooting accuracy is all at once. Going up a step and beginning to show its capabilities.

Old Zhou watched Xia Pingan shoot from behind Xia Pingan and nodded.

After the fourth round of shooting, Xia Pingan stopped, exited the cartridge case in the runner, and put down the gun.

"Uncle Zhou, I finally know why you chose this pistol for me. Once you have used this pistol, it is really good. It has both formidable power and precision. It is much better than ordinary pistols. ......"

Xia Pingan is already a little bit fond of this Manuel MR98. The revolver pistol has a characteristic, that is, it can reflect the simple and subtle mechanical beauty, which is a bit retro. It is also very reliable and durable. Every time a shot is fired, the wheel rotates once, and it doesn't have a feeling. For those who like machinery, the revolver will be more cordial to use.

"It’s good to know, who is suitable for what kind of thing, I can’t read it wrong!" Old Zhou laughed, took out a small box from his body, and handed it to Xia Pingan. Boy, this thing is for you!"

Xia Pingan opened the box and found that there was a very ordinary-looking silver ring in the box. There was nothing unusual about the ring, and he couldn't help but wonder The looked towards Old Zhou.

Give yourself a ring? What do you mean?

"Boy, what do you think..."Old Zhou glared at Xia Pingan. "You just came to the Order Committee, and you don’t understand some things. The business of summoner is very dangerous. There was a summoner before. If you were assass

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