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Glorious Summoner Chapter 28

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"There are tens of thousands of Andeguang buildings, and the world is full of joy..."

Xia Pingan stood on the hillside, looking at the cave not far away In the forest, naked eye can see that there have been more tree nests. With emotion, I couldn't help reading this poem.

In the farther place, on the mountain, there has been an extra piece of land for the burial of the dead in the tribe. The dead have a grave for the first time after death, and have a destination and In a place to sleep, the dead don’t need to be like wild beasts, and finally have a decent way to leave this World.

Those who are alive also have the sustenance to remember the deceased.

What is civilization, this is civilization!

There is no writing in this era, so there are no tombstones. After digging a pit and burying the dead, the people of the Xia Pingan tribe put a big stone on the mound where the dead was buried to press the head of the grave. Make a stele, insert the lance or wooden stick used by the deceased in the grave, and tell the family of the deceased that they can put the things used by the deceased in his lifetime, those memorial to the deceased, and put them on the grave or hang them on the wooden sticks. Some things can be burned to the dead.

The relatives and family members of the deceased hung up one by one the bone chains and the like that the deceased was wearing, and some even hung the Xia Pingan on the wooden sticks in front of the grave. They made clothes and animal skins as a souvenir.

At this moment, Xia Pingan is wearing the best tiger skin of the tribe, with a necklace decorated with prey bones on her neck, and a crest made of golden pheasant feathers and juniper straw on her head. A wooden staff symbolizing his status-tiger skin, bone chain, feather crest and wooden staff were given to him by people in the tribe.

The tiger skin was peeled off after Xia Pingan led the warriors of the tribe to hunt down a few Saber-Toothed Tigers. Everyone felt that only Xia Pingan was qualified to wear it.

Bone decorations are ground out of the teeth of the prey, symbolizing the number of beasts a person hunts. The more beasts one hunts, the more bones are worn on the bone decoration, and the richer it is. The more brave.

The crest made up of golden pheasant feathers and grass blades on his head was woven by tribal women. The women of these tribes thanked Xia Pingan for teaching them many crafts and allowing their children from birth. You can get better care than before, with fewer premature deaths.

As for the wooden staff in his hand, all the old people in the tribe gave him.

When Xia Pingan was studying history, he was a little puzzled about why the scepter became a symbol of status and majesty, but only then did he know that the wooden staff he was holding was in this tribe. Here, it is us

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