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Glorious Summoner Chapter 31

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The engine of the Falcon helicopter was still roaring, the rotors hadn't stopped completely, and the ground was screaming, Xia Pingan had already carried his bag and got off the plane, leaning on her waist, moved towards the apron and walked quickly over.

Xia Pingan’s shoulder bag contains only his black cobra whip and a set of changeable clothes.

Outside the tarmac, there is a silver-haired man in a black trench coat waiting for Xia Pingan with his hands in his pockets.

Although Mo Yanshao also likes to wear a black trench coat, the silver-haired man wearing a black trench coat feels cooler. The contrast between black and white is even stronger.

In the violent wind when the helicopter's rotor was turning, the man was full of silver hair flying, and there was an indescribable taste, like a demon or an angel coming to the world.

The man is very handsome, his eyes are very cold, he is very young, he does not seem to be much bigger than Xia Pingan, but at the same time he has a strong breath.

Xia Pingan walked over, and the helicopter behind him took off again and returned to the station of the Xianghe City State Order Committee.

"Are you Xia Pingan?" the silver-haired man asked directly.

"Yes!" Seeing that guy put his hands in his pockets, he had no intention of shaking hands, and Xia Pingan was not polite.

"I don’t want to waste time, so let’s just go ahead. My name is Yan Duo. Shao Moyan has already told you about this mission, right?"

"Director Mo Just say that this is a special task. Let me bring the steel whip and listen to your arrangements. I didn’t say anything else. My time is also very precious. I don’t want to waste time. So, if there are any tasks today, I can start now. !"

Seeing Xia Pingan so simply, light flashed according to a man’s eyes, a cold and arrogant smile floated around his mouth, Yan Duo looked at the time on his watch, "Very good, I like to simply People, you can go with me now. The mission will start from now. I will tell you what the mission is when you reach the destination!"

Xia Pingan nodded, follow the man and move towards the distance.

The headquarters of the State Order Committee of Yizhou Province is larger than that of Xianghe City.

It is also a black cube building, but the scale of the building here is larger, and the military base behind the building has a whole rapid response division stationed here.

The war chariot inside the military base is roaring. From time to time, there are helicopters, drones and fighter jets whistled past from the head. It seems very busy. There is a military airport directly in the base.

Yan Duo did not take Xia Pingan to the headquarters. Instead, he went to the parking lot, got on a black Audi Q7, and drove directly out of the headquarters.

Xia Pingan brought Xia Ning to Xinchuan

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