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Glorious Summoner Chapter 305

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Inside the Peng King auction…

“…as everyone knows, there are many kinds of summon giant’s world beads, and this world bead in our auction house is one of them. The biggest feature of this world bead is that it won’t fail to integrate. Death, and after the successful integration, you can summon the giant and get a divine force blessing of more than 30 points. The starting price of this bead is 25000 Gold Coin, and the price increase is not less than 500 Gold Coin. Now the auction starts…” [19459002 ]

As soon as the beauty of Auctioneer’s voice fell, people began to bid in those private rooms of the auction house, but within a short period of time, the starting price of 25,000 Gold Coin was pushed up to 30,000 Gold Coin.

Xia Pingan is holding a wine glass in her hand, squinting at the projection photo of the world bead on the auction stage below. In the projection photo of the world bead, Xia Pingan sees the small seal characters in the world bead It is the five words “Dayu Receiving Giant”…

Xia Pingan’s eyes are staring at the projection on the auction stage, and the picture in his consciousness is the scene of the dark demon and the corpse demon meeting at the station.

The corpse demon finally appeared.

Xia Pingan was a little excited, as long as the corpse demon appeared in front of the Fushen boy, the corpse demon would be impossible to run away.

Of the five demons of Blood Demon Religion, all four are now exposed.

Just a dream monster.

The Dark Demon and the Zombie Demon just talked about the Dream Demon at the station, and then, Xia Pingan saw the huge orange red Fireball rising in the night sky beside the Northern Part of City in Shangjing.

That is a huge explosion to have such a movement.

To the north of the capital city, there seems to be an ammunition factory in Dashang Country. Dashang Country’s recently prepared high explosives are produced in that factory.

Dream Demon did it.

The corpse demon will also be shot tonight.

Xia Pingan in the box stood up suddenly.

“37500Gold Coin…The VIP of Box 36 bid to 37500Gold Coin, is there any higher…”

On the auction stage, the beautiful Auctioneer tone barely fell, Xia Pingan felt a faint tremor from the ground under her feet.

“40000Gold Coin…” Xia Pingan asked the merchant in the room to quote a price, and did not wait for the beauty Auctioneer to finally confirm, not to mention whether it was photographed or not, Xia Pingan drank the wine in the glass in one gulp and took a look Zi stood up, opened the box door, and walked out directly.

40000 Gold Coin is no longer a small number. People who come here to shoot the Jiezhu have a steelyard in their hearts. Although the competition for the Jiezhu auction tonight is a bit fierce, the price is quite higher than the usual auction price of t

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