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Glorious Summoner Chapter 308

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Xia Pingan has been in the shocking scene just now.

In front of Lin Yi, the corpse demon didn’t even have the ability to resist, so it was annihilated.

Also, what is going on in that weird space, and the hurdle in the space?

Hasn’t it been said that Lin Yi, the ruler of the ruling army, is only in the Six Suns Realm? The Six Suns Realm is so strong. In Xia Pingan’s feelings, Lin Yi seems to be much stronger than the Iron Masked Man.

Xia Pingan was in a trance for a while, and Lin Yi had taken him out of the ground and came to a strange place.

This is not Qingwei Town, nor Donggang District, but on the square outside a dark War God Cult church in Shangjing.

The dark crowd lined up in front to enter the dark War God Cult’s sanctuary. The golden dome of the sanctuary gleamed in the morning sun. Outside the sanctuary, the heavy granite stone steps were full of rows. The team wanted to enter the church crowd.

“dang dang dang…” The melodious bell rang on the bell tower of the sanctuary and echoed melodiously. The pigeons on the bell tower flew up one by one. At the entrance of the sanctuary, you can see two A black clothed priest is sprinkling holy water for disaster relief and blessing on those who enter the church.

The great changes that took place in the capital last night made the atmosphere in the capital completely different today. A large number of people entered the sanctuary and came here to pray.

Because everyone was bowing their heads and lining up piously to enter the church, no one noticed that there were two more people on the square outside the church.

In the upper capital city, there are many such sanctuary. The Divine Idol of the Dark War God is enshrined in the sanctuary, which is a place of prayer and repentance for the people of Dashang Country.

Xia Pingan has always felt that the temple of the Dark War God Cult is just a brainwashing tool for the upper and lower rulings of the Dark War God Cult, so although his status is not low in the Dark War God Cult, it is only for these ordinary people. He has never been to the place where he will come, let alone go in.

Xia Pingan didn’t understand why Lin Yi brought herself here.

“Can you summon Thousand Fantasy Boy?” Lin Yi suddenly turned his head and asked Xia Pingan a question.

Xia Pingan found that Lin Yi’s eyes were a bit sharp when he looked at him at the moment.

This question is abrupt and critical. One question can explain many things.

“No!” Xia Pingan shook the head calmly.

Of course he can’t. He summoned Fushen Boy, not Qianhuan Boy. The abilities of the two are different. Xia Pingan told the truth.

Lin Yi looked at Xia Pingan’s sharp gaze, and suddenly became softer and deeper, “I’m very happy, you just told the truth and didn’t hide it. I just asked the question u

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