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Glorious Summoner Chapter 306

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The elite slave soldiers who came out of summon are not afraid of corpse poison, and will not be transformed into corpses. They are the best fighters to deal with these zombies who undergo corporal transformation.

“ao…” In the darkness, the zombies who had transformed face looks sinister’s moved towards Xia Pingan rushed over, baring fangs and brandishing claws.

And they were greeted by spear shots from the elite slave soldiers.

“xiū xiū xiū…” The spear flew like a locust, momentum is big, power is deep, accurate and ruthless.

As Xia Pingan advances to the Four Suns realm, the battle strength of the elite slave soldiers is also as the tide rises, the boat floats. The accuracy and strength of the throwing guns has been greatly improved. , Most of them passed directly through the heads of the zombies who rushed over, exploded the heads of those zombies, only a small part passed through the chests of the zombies, and pinned the zombies that rushed to the ground.

The head is also the Achilles’ heel of the zombies. The zombies whose heads were exploded by a gun fell to the ground and were killed instantly. The zombies who were shot through the body were still struggling after they fell. Pulling out the spear from his body, then stumbled and opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl’s moved towards Xia Pingan and rushed over.

The zombies who rushed to the front were greeted by the elite slave soldiers.

Elite slave soldiers lined up in battle, blocking the road from Qingwei Town to Shangjing City. The elite slave soldiers in the first three rows held long ge and kept stepping forward, smashing the chests and heads of the zombies who came in. Piercing, piercing, and for a while, the intersection was filled with a strong smell of blood, just like a battlefield.

Xia Pingan stood at the back of the elite slavery battlefield, looking at the zombies dignified, and waving his hand, an assassin who was wearing a black face towel and wrapped in the black mist was revealed by Xia Pingan summon , Kneeling on one knee and half on the ground.

This is Xia Pingan’s first summon assassin after fusing the assassin world beads.

This assassin came out as a summon, Xia Pingan pointed towards Qingwei Town, and ordered in her heart, the black shadow moved towards Qingwei Town and rushed forward, very fast, like a black rock sheep, blinking The kung fu of the army passed through a large number of elite slave soldiers’ battle formations and long ge, jumped up, stepped on the heads and shoulders of a few zombies, and rolled flexibly in the air, and suddenly fell on the ground. Behind a bunch of zombie.

Three zombie moved towards the assassin rushed, and the assassin drew out his sharp dagger and instantly turned into a dexterous swordsman. The dagger pierced through the eyes, ears

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