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Glorious Summoner Chapter 307

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The battle last night was not really fierce for a summoner in the Four Suns realm, but it took a long time.

Neither the people who had the corpse transformation nor the raid by the corpse demon brought real harm to Xia Pingan.

After the main force of the ruling army arrived, the corpse in Qingwei Town was brought under control.

At dawn, everything calmed down…

The entire Qingwei Township is full of smoke, and large tracts of charred zombie corpses are scattered all over the town. The burnt smell of meat and protein makes people feel like being in a crematorium. It feels very uncomfortable.

In addition to the corpses, there are a large number of houses in the town that have also turned into ruins in the flames. At dawn, there are still a few houses burning, but no one cares anymore. The whole town is like a war The remnants after that are no longer the prosperous and quiet before.

Some of the houses that burned and turned into ruins were set ablaze due to various factors when the corpse took place, and many were set ablaze when the ruling army entered the town and suppressed-those houses where zombies gathered After confirming that there is no one, a few Fireball Techniques are thrown in, and the whole house will burn.

The ruling army’s method of dealing with corpses is simple and rude.

The people who avoided a catastrophe were sobbing and crying softly. After undergoing strict epidemic prevention inspections, they temporarily left the town and were resettled to other places in the capital.

Qingwei Town and the two surrounding towns have been strictly sealed off and divided into epidemic prevention areas for corpse poisoning. Only after strict epidemic prevention and disinfection procedures can the people in these towns be able to return.

This time, the number of people migrating is hundreds of thousands.

Even the garrison Legion was dispatched.

And Qingwei Town, it is estimated that it will be flattened, because there are too many people infected with corpse poison in this town. The town is full of blood and brain plasma sprinkled by infected people, leftover corpses, and those flesh and blood. It is also infectious. Now in this town, all cats, dogs, mice and other animals have to be removed. Otherwise, these animals may be infected with corpse poison and then pass the corpse poison to other humans and animals, causing serious corpses. The spread of poison.

The corpse demon brings the most dangerous biochemical attack.

The number of casualties in the entire Qingwei Township exceeded 80,000. There were almost corpses in every house in every corner of the town. Therefore, to flatten the town and go over the fire is the simplest and most effective anti-epidemic measure.

If even the explosion at the medicine pill factory, the number of people killed

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