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Glorious Summoner Chapter 325

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Xia Pingan’s body rolled in the air, as powerful and dexterous as a tiger, and finally landed firmly on the ground, frowning slightly, looking at the blood-colored golden arch.

Until this time, the brilliance on the Nightmare Sword disappeared, and it returned to Xia Pingan’s hands.

The golden arch of the dream demon is slowly fading before his eyes, from the entity to the illusory shadow, and then slowly disappearing from the illusory shadow. The golden arch is gradually covered by a gray mist, like never The same happened.

Xia Pingan looked towards On the ground, the hand of the dream demon that was cut down by him was turning into black energy and disappearing, but the long sword of the dream demon remained.

Xia Pingan walked over and picked up the long sword on the ground.

The long sword is as bright as silver, without any rust, with a sharp point aura, which is obviously higher than the long sword held by Xia Pingan and the long sword thrown out. Quite a few, near the handle of the long sword, there are two small seal fonts-Feimang.

Feimang, a good sword! Xia Pingan exclaimed in her heart.

I don’t know where the dream demon got this long sword. Just now, in order to escape into the golden arch, the dream demon dropped the scabbard.

The two golden soul powers of the two nightmaids that were beheaded did not fly to Xia Pingan’s chest until this time, and were absorbed by Xia Pingan.

The Soul Power in Xia Pingan’s body was suddenly increased to 7.5 cuts, and the upper limit of Soul Power, if fully recovered, would be 13.5 cuts. Compared to Xia Pingan just entered Spirit Realm a few days ago, unconsciously, his body’s Soul Power , Has doubled.

Just after killing the two nightworms, the number of Stars Spirit Body of Xia Pingan’s pastoralist quietly increased to 6. There are six stars in the sky and Xia Pingan has a subtle touch.

Don’t know if the dream monster was killed?

Xia Pingan also didn’t know. The last sword he threw just now was directed at the back of the dream demon. If the long sword catches up with the dream demon, it will be able to penetrate the dream demon and kill it directly.

But the dream demon escaped from Spirit Realm at the last moment and escaped into his secret mandala, so Xia Pingan was not sure.

But no matter what, now that the identity of the dream demon is known, and the dream demon is still in the capital, it is the best time to kill the dream demon.

Xia Pingan turned around, without delay for a second, immediately moved towards his golden arch and flew away. He wanted to return to his body, and then immediately went to the real world to kill the dream monster, and don’t let the dream monster escape. …

Xia Pingan has a faint feeling that the dream demon knows that he can enter the Spirit Realm, which may bring h

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