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Glorious Summoner Chapter 328

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Hongye Villa?

These four words pierced into Xia Pingan’s ears, making Xia Pingan’s heart violently move-is it Hongye Villa again?

It seems that the man named Guinu mentioned earlier is also Hongye Villa.

What are the people from Huang Family doing at Hongye Villa?

“Okay, I see, let’s go on…” Xia Pingan frowned, waved lightly, and let the three people of the Fire Dragon help be taken down.

Xia Pingan walked out of the interrogation room, thought for a while, turned a direction, went straight to the dungeon, and stood again at the door of the man named Guinu’s cell.

Xia Pingan waved his hand, and the guard of the cell leading the way left quickly and did not dare to stay to listen.

The ghost slave was full of weed-like messy hair. The whole person was sitting like a mossy silent stone by the wall under the vent of the room. He saw Xia Pingan standing at the door of the cell. Zi opened his eyes and looked towards Xia Pingan. There seemed to be a flash of thunder in his eyes.

“How about it, do you know that Hongye Villa is not an ordinary place?” the man asked in a low voice.

Xia Pingan was a little surprised, staring at the man, “You can actually hear the interrogation in the interrogation room?”

“Hehe, the Martial Artist of Grade 8, not as unbearable as you think, some of the Martial Artist’s abilities, you can’t lock it!” The man stood up, full of chain-crash-bang thoughts, he stepped step by step He walked to the iron bars of the cell, grabbed the two iron bars with his big rough hands, and pasted the terrifying face of the gully, lowered his voice, gritted his teeth and roared in a low voice, “You Did you want to ask me what’s in Hongye Villa? I told you, there is the magic cave, it is the magic cave of the upper capital, you let me go out, I will not run, where I am willing to die, I will tear it to you See what’s inside…”

Xia Pingan rubbed his forehead, “Can’t you just be honest?”

“What kind of cave is like, wherever it is…”

Until Xia Pingan left the dungeon, the word “magic cave” still echoed in Xia Pingan’s mind, making his brain hurt.


Two hours later, the ruling army Pingshan camp.

“Bang…” Lin Yi’s hair stands up in anger, waved his hand, slapped a palm on the table in front of him, and the expensive golden starlight Nanmu desk shattered directly, “It’s so big The dog eggs, a small Fire Dragon gang, actually dared to rob and kill Inspector Envoy in six provinces. In the past, Inspector Envoy in six provinces disappeared on the way back to the capital. Your Majesty also asked the ruling army to file a case for searching, but there has been no trace for these years. The family of Inspector Envoy from six provinces also came to our adjudication army every year to inquire about the news, did not expect Fire Dragon to help, is this conf

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