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Glorious Summoner Chapter 326

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In the dark night, a lightning bolt from the clouds fell directly on the small square outside Wuyou Building without warning, shocking the people around.

As soon as the lightning disappeared, I saw the iron-faced man holding Xia Pingan’s hand and appeared here.

The police have pulled a cordon outside the Wuyou Building.

Just now the iron-faced man came here with Xia Pingan using the Thunder-Escaping Technique. It was really exciting. For Xia Pingan, it was like riding a super roller bike. In the whistling of electric light, the whole person suddenly I went up and down, dizzy for a few seconds, and rushed over.

The ability of the iron-faced man is indeed awesome.

“Who is it?” Looking at the lightning that suddenly appeared here and the two people who appeared after the lightning, several policemen suddenly surrounded.

Xia Pingan took out his portable inspector token, and lighted it to the policemen. The attitudes of the policemen changed, and they immediately retreated.

Xia Pingan didn’t say much, and directly crossed the cordon with the iron-faced man and went to the Wuyou Building.

A pair of patrolling ruling army squad has surrounded this place, and Xia Pingan revealed his identity. Small Captain of that ruling army looked at the token Xia Pingan got and asked, “This is not the East Port District, my lord. Were you investigating the case of Master Suigetsu before?”

“No, this person owed me a lot of money before. I heard that something happened. Come and see if he ran away. Brother, please make it easier!” Xia Pingan said.

“Oh!” Hearing Xia Pingan said so, the ruling army squad did not stop it, so it was a convenience to let Xia Pingan and the iron man go upstairs.

The smell in the Wuyou building is a bit pungent, with an unspeakable stench, a pool of pus and blood outside the building, and a pool of pus and blood inside the building.

The two came directly to the pool of pus and blood in Wuyou Building. Xia Pingan frowned slightly and looked at the pool of pus and blood.

Fushen Boy arrived here just one step earlier than the two of them, so Xia Pingan already knows all what happened here-just now, the Master Shuiyue in the Wuyou Building and the small house next to him were in full view Immediately, without a word, it suddenly turned into pus and blood, which scared the people who came here to account for the dream to death. He immediately called the police, and the ruling army squad that received the news also hurried over.

After investigation by the ruling army squad, it was found that there was no trace of summoner’s action here, and the two pools of pus and blood were suspected of being poisoned.

The iron-faced man squatted in front of a pool of pus and blood, took a closer look, stood up, and said to Xia Pingan, “This is a kind of poison c

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