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Glorious Summoner Chapter 323

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The man standing in front of the three nightworms is an old man.

The old man with silver hair and silver beard, wearing a white robe, and meticulous hair and beard, neat and tidy, reveals an exquisite breath, old man’s face, at first glance, some kind of eyebrows, only a closer look , To discover that his eyes were filled with infinite hostility and deceit, and at the same time, two blood-colored snake-shaped long lines flew into the sideburns at the corners of the two eyes, and it seemed that there was a trace of hideousness that could not be concealed.

If Xia Pingan is here and sees the face of the old man, he will definitely exclaim, because the face of this old man, except for the two blood-colored snake-shaped long lines at the corners of his eyes, is the same as before Xia Pingan The other person I saw at Tianyuanqiao was almost exactly the same, and that person was the famous Master of Dreams of Tianyuanqiao——Shuiyue Master.

In Xia Pingan’s eyes, the Shuiyue master was a total failed summoner. He would have a dream, and then cheated on the capital in the name of the dream master.

There are many, many such swindlers and bastards throughout the capital.

Seeing the information revealed by the twisted bodies of the three nightworms, the old man’s eyebrows were suddenly twisted, and many thoughts flashed in his mind.

Being able to fuse twenty-two Dream Master beads to open the Temple of Spirit Realm and enter Spirit Realm is a gift from Sovereign Demon God. As far as he knows, besides him, in the entire Golden Moon Continent, there is no other person who is so lucky. And ability, he is the only Demon God favored by Blood Demon Religion in Jinyuezhou. Could it be that besides himself, in Jinyuezhou, there are other people who have also been favored by Sovereign Demon God?

Impossible, those who are blessed by Sovereign Demon God will not be attacked by night worms.

If it were not for the nightmare that brought the news back, this old man would not believe it.

“Where is the person you are talking about?” the old man asked directly.

The nightmare’s body continued to twist in the air, changing various shapes.

“In the abandoned primary level pastoral castle closest to here, and that person has not yet become a pastoralist?” The old man who received the news flashed a faint blood light in his eyes, “Okay.” , I see…”

The old man waved his hand, the three nightworms twisted their bodies and flew to the sky again, and soon each entangled a star and wriggled…

The old man narrowed his eyes and moved towards the direction of the Mu Ling Bao where Xia Pingan was located, and then his figure was flying, not in the gray fog, he moved towards the direction where the Mu Ling Bao was locked Rush away.


“Where are the few night worms?” Xia Pingan searched for a

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