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Glorious Summoner Chapter 324

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“Bang… “

The double-layer stone gate in the underground secret room was suddenly shattered and dusty. The metal gate behind the stone gate also suddenly turned red, turned into iron juice, and flowed to the ground.

The outside light shines through the crushed stone gate into the dark underground chamber. In the shadows of light and darkness, countless dust is flying in the sun, and the expressionless mask of the iron-faced man appears On the top of the secret room passage, he slowly retracted his hand.

The little black pig followed the iron-faced man, and his head moved towards the underground secret room. The little black pig’s expression seemed to be more anxious than the iron-faced man.

Xia Pingan didn’t come out of the secret room for three whole days. The little black pig was really afraid that Xia Pingan’s fusion of the world beads would burst his head, making him a pig body forever, and he would never recover. That would be sad.

The Iron Masked Man originally didn’t want to come down, but Xia Pingan was too abnormal this time. He went straight into the secret room and did not come out for three days. The Iron Masked man could feel the situation of Xia Pingan in the secret room, that is, sit cross-legged in the secret room. On the futon on the stone bed, people also breathe, as if they are fusing the world beads, but there is no light cocoon on the body, let alone sleeping.

After waiting for three days, Xia Pingan still looks like this. By this morning, the iron-faced man can’t wait any longer, so he can only break in from the outside and prepare to enter the secret room to see the situation of Xia Pingan himself.

The door of the secret room broke open, and the iron-faced man waved his hand, and the flying dust was pulled out of the secret room in a gust of wind, and the whole underground secret room was suddenly quiet.

The Iron Masked Man stepped over the debris on the ground and descended from the entrance. The little black pig followed the Iron Masked Man, and the Iron Masked Man did not stop him.

Only soon, the iron-faced man came to Xia Pingan and carefully checked the situation of Xia Pingan.

Xia Pingan’s body is soft, and the person is breathing long and smoothly, not like being poisoned, not like sleeping, nor sick, but the whole person seems to have no consciousness and can’t wake up at all.

Moreover, without eating or drinking for three days, Xia Pingan’s face also showed a little paleness.

This kind of situation has never been encountered by the iron-faced man.

The little black pig’s eyes blinked at Xia Pingan, screaming in his heart, bastard, don’t you die like this, if you want to die, change me back to a human being before you say, when the time comes you think Jumping off the building and wanting to take poison, or stabbing yourself hu

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