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Glorious Summoner Chapter 320

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“His Royal Highness, this is…” Jing Ke looked at the things Xia Pingan had offered to people, with a look of astonishment.

A few attendants stood in front of Jing Ke, with four pairs of beautiful women’s hands that were polished and polished vividly and delicately on the plates in their hands.

“Hahaha, didn’t Jing Qing say that the woman playing the piano has beautiful hands a few days ago? These days I searched for skilled craftsmen in Yan Country and asked those skilled craftsmen to use fine jade, gold, and silver according to the shape of the hands of the woman playing the piano. A pair of cheats, a pair of silver hands, a pair of jade hands, and a pair of bronze hands were carved and polished separately. These four opponents, together with the woman playing the piano, will be given to Jing Qing together. Jing Qing can enjoy them in the future. !” Xia Pingan laughed heartily.

“His Royal Highness, why bother?” Jing Ke sighed as he looked at the magnificent four opponents and the gentle and beautiful woman playing the piano in front of him.

Xia Pingan smiled, “Time flies, and beauty is easy to grow old. In a few years, the hands of this beauty will not be so perfect and beautiful. I made these four pairs of beautiful hands, but they can stay in the world for thousands of years, and wait until a thousand years. Ten thousand years later, you and I are no longer, these four opponents can still stay, the world sees these four opponents, everyone knows what a beautiful hand looks like that can make Jing Qing like it, and you and I will leave a paragraph for future generations. Good story!”

Jing Ke was moved. Such a gift was so special that he had never received it.

These days, Crown Prince Dan builds a mansion for him, gives him beauties, and gives him gold and silver treasures. It’s just a matter of waiting. It’s just that these four opponents and the words of Crown Prince Dan just now show a heart. , So Jing Ke had nothing to say anymore.

“His Royal Highness, Jing Ke, thank you!” Jing Ke gave a heavy salute to Xia Pingan, then waved to let the woman playing the piano and several waiters go down, and then said to Xia Pingan again, “His thoughts are clear to me, but if To get close to the assassination of King Qin, two things are needed!”

“What else does Jing Qing need?”

“I also need Fan Yuqi’s first level and the map of the superintendent of the land. I will see King Qin with these two things, so that King Qin can not be suspicious and have the opportunity to approach King Qin!”


Not long after the world of Jiezhu shattered, Xia Pingan also opened his eyes in the lounge of the inspection office.

It is not difficult to integrate this pearl. In real history, in order to win over Jing Ke, when Jing Ke praised the beautiful hands of the piano girl, Crown Prince Dan

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