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Glorious Summoner Chapter 321

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The Stars Spirit Body, which was entangled by those monsters, was trembling slightly, and the rays of light of Spirit Physique became dim a little bit.

Suddenly, the monster attached to the Stars Spirit Body that Xia Pingan was observing suddenly turned his head, revealing a pair of scarlet eyes, moving towards Xia Pingan, looking at it, Xia Pingan’s gaze just now seemed to The monster holding the Stars Spirit Body could feel it.

Not good!

Xia Pingan didn’t expect that kind of monster would be so sensitive to gaze, at the moment that monster turned his head, Xia Pingan quickly turned away from her eyes, all of a sudden, she lay on the ground, her body rolled sideways on the ground, He rolled down from the soil slope below his feet, and his body rolled quickly against the ground like a roller, rolling directly to the depression of the slope more than 30 meters away, motionless.

The thick gray fog around was rolling, hiding Xia Pingan’s figure in the thick fog.

An invisible force, with violent hostility, suddenly descended from the sky, like a sickle, sweeping away a large area of ​​gray mist near the place where Xia Pingan had just hidden, exposing the barren and desolate ground.

The swept thick fog rolled away a few meters away from Xia Pingan’s side, and then a few meters further to the side, Xia Pingan’s figure was about to be revealed in the gray fog.

Seeing that there was nothing on the ground, the monster in the sky stared for a few times, then turned his head, and continued to stick to the Stars Spirit Body.

Xia Pingan lay down on the ground for a long time. He stood up only when the surrounding dense fog filled up. He just glanced at the sky from the corner of the eye and didn’t pay much attention, and then covered his body with the dense fog. , Slowed down, and left here first step by step. After walking a little farther, he continued to sprint and rush, under the cover of gray fog, moved towards the direction of Mu Ling Bao.

There are too many secrets in Spirit Realm.

And this Spirit Realm, as I guessed before, is very dangerous.

The monster in the sky just now made Xia Pingan feel dangerous, extreme danger.

After rushing in the wilderness for a while, Xia Pingan saw the soil slope where she found Xu Jiu, the shepherd, and then at this moment, just a moment, all the surrounding gray mist suddenly dissipated, Xia Pingan’s body The shape was immediately exposed to the wilderness. The wind was screaming in the sky. Xia Pingan turned his head and saw the monster attached to the Stars Spirit Body, twisting his body more than 30 meters long, like Like a boa constrictor, he moved towards himself from the sky and threw himself down. The blood-red eyes were staring at him, and he had clearly found himself.

Damn, just now this monster was deliberately rela

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