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Glorious Summoner Chapter 319

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The moment the policeman pulled out the gun, the iron man and the blessed god boy found out almost at the same time.

Fushen boy issued a warning to Xia Pingan, and the iron-faced man is worthy of being an expert of the Seven Suns Realm, immediately, beside Xia Pingan and himself, he arranged a thick water curtain protective cover.

Xia Pingan turned around, and the bullet had been moved towards him.


The crisp sound of gunfire resounded in the street, breaking the order and tranquility on the street all at once…

The policeman moved towards Xia Pingan and shot, while rushing towards Xia Pingan, his face was numb, but he showed a trace of hideousness in the numbness.

The policeman fired not ordinary bullets, but rune bullets. The rune bullets shot on the water curtain arranged by the iron-faced man, bursting bright and hot high-temperature flames, igniting the surrounding air all at once.

Just in front of one’s eyes of Xia Pingan, the copper bullet penetrated into the rippling water curtain, spinning at high speed in the water curtain, like an awl, trying to break free of the water The shackles of the curtain shield.

Ordinary bullets float in the blink of an eye in the water and lose all the formidable power. The bullets of the general pistols have a killing distance of less than half a meter in the water, but the bullets fired by the police made the iron man cast a water curtain like The deformed jelly is constantly changing its shape, one after another, the bullet unyielding in the water continues to rush forward unyieldingly.

This is a rune bullet with Fireball Technique and armor piercing effects added.

Even if Xia Pingan is a summoner of the five suns or even the six suns, once hit by such a bullet, his body will be pierced instantly and burnt by the flame that can melt steel, don’t die also seriously injured.

Xia Pingan has a slight discoloration.

The iron-faced man stomped lightly, a ray of magnificent light flashed under the rushing policeman’s feet, the policeman was instantly fixed in place, and then a large net made of water rope flew over and turned The policeman was trapped.

The policeman fell to the ground, and the nine bullets on his pistol had just been shot.

The next second, the policeman who fell on the ground turned his eyes and fainted.

The whole process takes only two or three seconds.

Pedestrians on the street ran away in panic, other police patrolling and Legion soldiers were alarmed, and they all moved towards here and rushed over.

The people in the Donggang Inspection Office were also alarmed. Luo Laojiao was the first to run out of the concierge, and then Long Chao, Situ Hua and the others also ran out of the inspection office.

If someone fires a gun outside the inspection office,

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