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Glorious Summoner Chapter 317

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The land of Spirit Realm is like an endless wilderness shrouded in gray mist, never ending.

Xia Pingan was running in this wilderness, driving away the layers of mist.

Where Xia Pingan went, when a thought moved, the surrounding gray mist spread out, revealing the appearance of the surrounding environment.

Xia Pingan wanted to try whether he could fly, but between thoughts, he only felt the wind hovering around him in circles, blowing away the gray fog, but his body was still unable to fly, and it seemed to be still It was a little too close, so he ran obediently and honestly on the ground.

No matter how Xia Pingan runs, he can clearly know the location of the Golden Arch and Spirit Realm Temple where he entered Spirit Realm. This makes him no longer worry about getting lost.

After running for a while, Xia Pingan found that there was a huge bump on the flat and monotonous ground in front, forming a large mound tens of meters high, which made Xia Pingan excited all of a sudden and ran there. On the soil slope, Xia Pingan suddenly startled.

Because he saw a dark coffin and a collapsed giant tree on the mound.

The collapsed giant tree is like the Populus euphratica that has been dried for thousands of years in the desert, with a breath of vicissitudes and ancient times, and it feels hard to the touch.

And that coffin was chiseled out with a section of the trunk of the collapsed giant tree next to it. It looks a bit rough. In the coffin, there is a human-shaped skeleton. The clothes on that skeleton are decayed like ashes. The bones inside were exposed, everything seemed so strange.

Xia Pingan held breath cold air all at once.

Just now he thought this Spirit Realm can only be entered by him and the dream demon, just like a strange dream. In Spirit Realm, people will not die, but now it seems that this is not the case at all—the stars and light clusters in the sky The Spirit Physique might not die, but in his current state, he might die too.

There were people here before, and the people here will also die. If you are hurt here, you may also… die and become like the bones in the coffin.

Like a basin of cold water poured on her head, Xia Pingan’s restless heart calmed down. She just wanted to find the dream monster, but if she encounters the dream monster at this moment, the dream monster finds himself, she will not Will he be killed here? Become like that skeleton…

This is hard to say.

Xia Pingan looked at the bones in the coffin and found that although the bones in the coffin were covered with a layer of ashes, the color of the bones under the ashes seemed a bit unusual. He gently extended the hand and wiped the bones The ashes on the ribs suddenly found that the bones of the skeleton were actually golden. He tapped it lightly and found that the bones wer

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