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Glorious Summoner Chapter 322

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“peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ ……” The tall stone statue took heavy steps and walked into the gate passage of the Mulin Fort.

As soon as he entered the Muling Castle, the stone statue dropped Xia Pingan from his shoulders.

When I arrived at the Muling Castle, Xia Pingan felt better. At least he didn’t vomit blood anymore. The body gradually recovered a little, just a little bit weak.

Why is the blood coughed up by my own body golden? Xia Pingan didn’t know. He guessed that maybe this is the physical feature of being able to enter Spirit Realm. Anyway, vomiting blood is not a good thing, and after vomiting blood, the feeling of weakness from the body is too obvious.

Xia Pingan leaned against the daoist sect of the castle to rest, panting, and slowly recovering.

At this time, he found that the stone statue that brought him back to the castle did not return to his position, but took heavy steps and silently walked to the other with a broken hand, which looked a little bit In front of the broken stone statue, stretched out a hand and pressed it on the body of the stone statue.

The rune of dim-blue appeared on the bodies of two stone statues at the same time.

The rune rays of light on the stone statue that rescued Xia Pingan are dazzling, while the rune rays of light on the broken stone statue are relatively dim, and the number of runes emerging on the body is also less.

The stone statue that saved Xia Pingan opened its mouth, and a little golden brilliance flew out of the stone statue’s mouth like a Fire Insect, and fell on the body with some broken stone statues, and was absorbed by the broken stone statue , There are two more runes on the broken stone statue, and the rune brilliance of dim-blue is slightly brighter.

At the same time, the brilliance on the stone statue that saved Xia Pingan has dimmed a bit.

Seeing this scene in front of her, Xia Pingan was stunned. The stone statue is rescuing other stone statues here, is it rescuing her companion?

The little golden light that flew from the mouth of the stone statue, the Fire Insect-like golden light, was too similar to the group of golden light left on the monster that was killed just now, it was just a big one and a small one.

The next move of the stone statue that saved Xia Pingan confirmed Xia Pingan’s guess. In the next few minutes, the stone statue kept repeating the scene just now, and kept walking to other mutilated and silent stone statues. In front of him, put his hand on the body of the other stone statues, and then opened his mouth to let a little golden light like the Fire Insect fall on the other stone statues.

The rune brilliance on the stone statues that absorbed the golden light flashed, and it seemed to have regained a little vitality.

After doing all this, the stone statue silently returne

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