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Glorious Summoner Chapter 287

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“This world bead belongs to the artifact summon world bead. It can do as one pleases summon. Many kinds of saws can be used in many cases. This artifact summon world bead is very famous. Everyone should I know that even if the divine sense crystal is not needed, its fusion success rate is as high as 99%, and the mortality rate is less than 0.1%. After the fusion is successful, a divine force of 15 points or more can be obtained. This is for the summoner. Speaking of the friendliest world pearl, its auction price starts from 1500 Gold Coin, and each increase is not less than 20 Gold Coin. Please bid…”

In the large-scale auction hall of the Peng King auction house, the Auctioneer wearing white gloves held up a boundary bead in his hand and introduced the bead to the auctioneers in the auction house. On a few large screens, there is the projection of the world bead.

On the projection, Xia Pingan saw the words “Luban made a saw” on the bead.

No wonder the success rate of the fusion of this world bead is so high, as long as it is a person with normal IQ, fusion of this world bead is indeed simple.

However, the starting price of this bead is indeed very high, 500 Gold Coin higher than Xia Pingan expected.

Not only this boundary bead, Xia Pingan found that the price of the boundary bead in the Peng King auction house today is significantly higher than when he came last time. At the end of the auction, the price of the boundary beads has been over 5000 Gold Coin.

In most cases, the boundary beads of ordinary auction will generally not exceed 5000 Gold Coin.

The atmosphere in the venue was also a little restless today, and many people who came to the auction made very fierce bids.

This is the ordinary auction in the Peng King auction house, you can buy a ticket.

The auction was crowded with people, Xia Pingan, who was incarnation of Yangcheng, was sitting in the middle of the auction. He was not conspicuous at all. He had integrated a lot of medicine pill before auction, and he was not interested. , And did not raise a placard. This “Luban made a saw” is one of his goals today.

Borrowing a dog was already yesterday. Black Dragon really lived up to expectations. Four hours after being borrowed yesterday, he found the murderer. I heard that the murderer was a Bounty Hunter. didn’t expect to be arrested so soon.

Because Black Dragon broke such a case again, Black Dragon’s reputation has spread, and it has brought a lot of attention to Xia Pingan. This morning, Xia Pingan went to the inspection office and heard some people from the inspection office. Just joking about Black Dragon, it’s easy to save trouble if such cases can be cross-contracted by the Donggang Inspection Office after going to the capital.

This is a bad idea.

But Black Dragon broke another case in Dong

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