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Glorious Summoner Chapter 290

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The silhouette is sharp, fierce, fast as lightning, and the movement is silent and silent. The most important thing is that there are a few people who can think of it. People will come out of the walls of the underground chamber.

Xia Pingan’s eyes opened violently, and the three whip that had just come out of summon in his hand, when that silhouette just flew out of the wall, was already like a snake that was alarmed, shivering fiercely, making an ear-piercing sound. The scream flew out from where he was, and the speed of the whip instantly broke through the sound barrier, piercing the silhouette’s head.

The whip penetrated the person’s head for a moment. Just when Xia Pingan thought that silhouette’s head would explode, the silhouette instantly divided into two and continued moving towards Xia Pingan and charged.

Xia Pingan was shocked for an instant. He thought the silhouette was a human just now, but when the whip passed through the silhouette’s head, he felt that the silhouette was not a human, but a summon.

The cold glow of the dagger in one silhouette’s hand, like a meteor, took directly from Xia Pingan’s throat, while the other silhouette waved his hand, two poisonous pythons with a body more than one foot long, transformed from twisted black smoke, Also pounced from two different directions moved towards Xia Pingan.

This means, this strain, weird and vicious, both the ferocity of the warrior and the weird change of the summoner, so that you can’t guard against it. If Xia Pingan is still fusing the world beads at this moment, she will definitely die. Undoubtedly, even if you are prepared, facing an attack like this close at hand, it will give people a sense of despair and even confusion.

Xia Pingan stomped, and the two tigers were summoned out by him. They roared in the secret room, and rushed to the two poisonous pythons. His own long whip shook, then pulled it back, the whole long whip Suddenly it burned like a flame, and it slammed the neck of the dark shadow holding the dagger…

The burning three whip was blessed with Fireball Technique. Once it hits the target, it will not only cause physical damage, but also magical damage.

The dragon wars, the tiger battles in the secret room…

As soon as Xia Pingan’s three whips burned, the temperature of the entire secret room was rapidly rising, and it brightened instantly, and the whole secret room was full of dazzling red light.

Two poisonous pythons instantly entangled two tigers, two fiercely fiercely demanding the necks of poisonous pythons, four beasts from summon suddenly rolled into a ball, rolled on the ground of the underground chamber, and rolled the granite The wall was hit with gravel and spilled, shooting everywhere.

Feeling the terrifying power brought by the Sancai whip behind him, the black figure ho

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