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Glorious Summoner Chapter 288

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Walking, Xia Pingan passed the Wuyou Building of Master Shuiyue.

Outside the Wuyou Building, it is still so lively, a lot of carriages are lining up, a group of rich people are waiting for Master Shuiyue to explain their dreams, compared with the look of the beautiful door of Zhougonglou, Master Shuiyue is there every day This worry-free building is so rich that it makes people envious.

Not far from Wuyou Building, there is a mid-range restaurant called Baizhen Building. It is still lively at night. People coming, people going, restaurant guys are welcoming guests at the door. Xia Pingan thought about it, and I didn’t rush to go back, but just walked towards the restaurant.

“Guest, how many?”


“Guest, please, a distinguished guest!” The guy yelled in a long voice and greeted Xia Pingan in the door. Then another guy came over. The first floor of the restaurant was full, and the guy took Xia Pingan directly. On the second floor of the restaurant, one person occupies a small table.

“Four or five kinds of good wines and dishes will do…” Xia Pingan said directly.

“Alright, guest, wait a minute!”

Xia Pingan is the restaurant’s favorite, not picky, not bad for money, and proud.

The two guys who followed Xia Pingan saw that Xia Pingan entered the restaurant, but did not follow in. Instead, they sat down in a teahouse on the roadside outside, ordered a pot of tea, and wild dogs waited like rabbits. With.

Soon enough, Xia Pingan’s wine and dishes were served. Three meals, one soup, and a pot of wine, the pairing was exquisite.

There are a lot of customers in the restaurant, everyone is eating and chatting, and Xia Pingan is eating and listening.

Many of the diners in the restaurant are Bounty Hunter and summoners in Shangjing. From the mouths of those diners, you can know a lot of news.

At three o’clock on the right hand side of Xia Pingan, a table was still empty. After a while, there were four summoners, three men and one woman, each in their 30s and 40s, have endured the hardships Of a long journey, wearing leather armor, with a knife and a medicine pouch around his waist, and looking like an old world, the four people began to order wine and food as soon as they sat down, and then talked.

“Big brother, the name is not in vain at Tianyuanqiao Night Market in the capital, that many world beads, so they are sold open. Grandma’s, if you have money, I just want to buy the Transforming Realm Pearl. , I have searched a lot of places for that Realm Pearl, and I just met it today. Last time we were underground, if we had that Transforming Realm Pearl, we wouldn’t be poisoned by scorpion again…” A bearded man said Then, the look on her face was both envious and regretful, “Grandma’s, that Transforming Realm Pearl actually costs more than 1,200 Gold Coins, plus

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