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Glorious Summoner Chapter 289

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The two little thieves didn’t even look at where the capital was, and they dared to make their own ideas. Now the capital is short of summoners as coolies, they send them to the door by themselves, and Xia Pingan will fulfill them.

Xia Pingan naturally laughed at the twenty or thirty Gold Coins on the two of them.

Zhougong Building is cold and autumnal, which is in sharp contrast with the lively of Wuyou Building.

Pedestrians will occasionally take a look, but the sign at the entrance of Zhougonglou, “One hundred gold to interpret dreams, no bargaining” is enough to scare people away.

Xia Pingan walked into the Zhougong Building. The woman guarding the shop inside was so bored that she was dozing off. When Xia Pingan came back, the woman stood up a little flustered, but accidentally put the one she was on her knees. The book fell to the ground.

Xia Pingan read that book, it seems to be a very popular ghost novel in Dashang Country, this is used by ordinary person to pass the time.

“I have seen Young Master!” The woman was both sorry and a little panicked.

According to the rules, she was dereliction of duty. When she was on duty, she read a book. If she was seen by a few female officials in the palace, it would be a felony.

“Uh, go and rest when you are tired. You can close the door early today!” Xia Pingan laughed, and pointed to a vacant place in the front hall, “I’m going to put a bookshelf here, and you can pick it tomorrow. A bookshelf, and then buy some books you like. When there are guests, you can let the guests read the books while they are waiting here. You can also read more often to facilitate communication with the guests. Um, just press fifty. Come on the Gold Coin budget…”, Xia Pingan said, took out a gold ticket of fifty Gold Coins and put it on the table,

The woman knows that Xia Pingan is giving her steps, so that she won’t be so bored here, and she will be just and honorable by staying in the store and reading novels in the future.

“Many thanks Young Master!” The woman covered her mouth and smiled. She was not so nervous anymore, and her eyes were refreshing. “Our family…The lady is actually very good to us, there is no that many rules, and Young Master. It’s the same, you two are kind of… stop like!”

Okay, just say that you and I are a natural match!

“By the way, what is your name?” Xia Pingan asked.

“My name is Xiaodie!”

“Xiaodie, it’s okay today, you can close the door early!”


After Xia Pingan gave an explanation, he went straight into the inner hall. Summon guarded an elite slave soldier outside, and then entered the underground secret room by himself, preparing to fuse the realm beads.

Today’s eight world beads make Xia Pingan’s index finger move.

Coming to the basement secret room, Xia Pingan sat in

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