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Glorious Summoner Chapter 292

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It really is the assassin from summon!

Although Xia Pingan had some speculations before, but the ability of assassin was too strong, and it also had the Summoning Technique method, which made Xia Pingan a little skeptical.

Xia Pingan has been fused with the assassin world bead, in fact, it can also summon assassin, but the assassin of Xia Pingan summon absolutely does not have those abilities, and the ability of assassin seems to have exceeded the scope of assassin.

Xia Pingan slightly frowned, asked, “What assassin of summon, so powerful?”

The white bamboo priest’s face has already appeared a little dignified, “The summoner who sent the assassin has integrated four assassin world beads, so his summon is not the ordinary assassin, but the dragon assassin!”

Just like Medicine Pill Master, after some of the same type of world beads are merged, the level of the characters that can be summoned can be continuously improved, and assassin is one of them.

The assassin world bead is more than Tian Guanglunyong’s one. In fact, the assassin world bead of Tian Guanglunyong is the most common assassin world bead. In addition to that one, there are other assassin world beads. Other assassin world beads can also summon assassin.

The summon of an assassin world bead is Level 1 assassin, then Level 2 assassin, and Level 3 assassin. After fusing four assassin world beads, summon is the dragon slaying assassin.

Assassin has an exclusive name, it would be terrifying. A summoner who can summon this level of assassin has a very high probability of eating assassin this bowl of rice. This is that everyone has their own field of specialisation.

Xia Pingan’s face also became serious, “You always mean that the summoner who wanted my life last night was a professional assassin and killer?”

White Bamboo Priest nodded, “Yes, and it’s not an ordinary assassin and assassin. That person’s use of summon assassin has already achieved Major Perfection and achieved a realm that integrates with other summon secret techniques. In addition to summon, he slaughtered the dragon assassin. In addition, the dragon slaying assassin is endowed with an earth walking technique, a flame explosion technique and its own summoner projection. With this 3rd-layer technique empowerment, he summon The dragon-slaying assassin that comes out can escape from the earth and enter the secret room. It can also Avatar, use the Summoning Technique, and finally be killed. With this assassination configuration, the summoner of the Five Suns and Six Suns may not be able to survive, you can survive, you This fate is not so big. I want to ask you. When the explosion happened in this secret room, there were Void God mines outside. One mile and one outside two big kills were waiting for you, flanking back and forth, in such a dangerous situa

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