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Glorious Summoner Chapter 282

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Qiao Yuhai had to die because he was alive and had threatened many people, including Xia Pingan. For Xia Pingan, his life was a memorial service and a harvest.

Qiao Yuhai wanted to plot against Xia Pingan, but didn’t know that, in his life, Xia Pingan sold 400,000 Gold Coins for a flying world bead and a pile of medicine pill, which supplemented the divine force, Xiao Pingan. He also used his life to pay homage to Lin Qing.

When the dark demon comes into contact with the next target, Xia Pingan chooses whom to “sell” to the ruling army.

The Palace Lord who brought the Five Demon Sects to the capital never imagined that the Five Demons he sent, once encountered Xia Pingan, unconsciously, turned out to be Xia Pingan’s Chinese food.

After drinking, Xia Pingan took out the two world beads she got today and took a look, her eyes became firm again, her figure turned, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Dripping water through the stone rope saw the wood broken, and if you want to advance to the higher realm, you can only do it step by step, not letting go of every opportunity for the integration of the beads.


Two hours later, in the underground secret room of the small courtyard at the foot of Pingshan Mountain, the cocoon on Xia Pingan’s body disappeared, and Xia Pingan slowly opened his eyes.

For those who are familiar with the allusion of “amaze the world with a single brilliant feat”, fusing this world bead is really too simple. For Xia Pingan, it is more like playing. It takes only an hour before and after, just like Wake up from a dream and become the King of Chuzhuang in a dream. This world pearl that can make people “roar” is successfully integrated, and Xia Pingan has mastered another small technique, the Secret Mandala Temple. The upper limit of labor saving in China reached 3915 points.

After the fusion of this world bead, Xia Pingan took out the flying world bead that could only be merged with the Four Suns.

The flying world bead is a very special world bead. The special thing about this world bead, even if you have a divine sense crystal, the success rate of this world bead fusion is less than 50%. As for the absence of a divine sense crystal For the people, the possibility of successfully fusing this world bead is even negligible.

There are some things, even if you know the answer, you may not have the ability to reproduce and imitate, this is the case with this flying world bead.

In the mouth of other summoners, this flying world bead also has another name, called the wind wing world bead, which travels around the world with wind as its wings.

This world bead is blue in the sky, and in the world bead is like flowing clouds flying and changing, and in the world bead, there are only four golden characters-Liezi Yufeng!

The expression of

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