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Glorious Summoner Chapter 285

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That strange warrior wants to see himself?

The past few days had so many things that Xia Pingan didn’t pay much attention to the prisoner in the prison of the Supervision Department. He didn’t expect that person to see herself.

Although a little strange in her heart, curiosity made Xia Pingan decide to see the person once to see what the person wanted to say.

In the interrogation room of the cell, Xia Pingan saw the man again.

The messy hair, the scary face full of scars, and the scent of the angry lion volcano exuding all over the body, although sitting on the interrogation chair fixed on the ground, the person will still give it to others With oppression, people worry that he will explode.

The two inner guards in the interrogation room were a little nervous. Four eyes were fixed on the person, and the inner guard’s hand touched the baton on his waist, ready to jump on the person and give him a shot. beat.

The man just looked at the inner guard in the interrogation room with indifference and disdain. His scarred face could not see clearly, but the slightly raised corner of his mouth seemed to be mocking.

Hearing the sound of the interrogation room door opening, the man turned his head and glanced at Xia Pingan who entered the interrogation room before moving his eyes.

Qi Dafeng followed Xia Pingan into the interrogation room.

Xia Pingan remained calm and composed while handling pressing affairs. He sat behind the interrogation table before looking towards the man, “I heard you want to see me, what’s the matter?”

The man looked at Qi Dafeng and the two internal guards in the room, said in a tranquil voice, “I just want to tell you alone, and the other people you let them out!”

Qi Dafeng didn’t expect that the prisoner actually made such a request. After a moment of stunned, he was furious and slapped the table, “Asshole, what do you want to do, what do you think this place is, you still have to choose Three choices?”

“Your name is Qi Dafeng, the two of them, one is Changheng, the other is Yin Youde…” The angry lion-like man glanced at the three people in the room, coldly said, “You are all ordinary persons, doing An ordinary job, people are not bad, you are making money to support your family. There are old and young people in your family. Although you work in the inspection office, you are also ordinary persons. If you hear what I want to say, you just I will regret that I am still standing here, it will not do you any good…”

Qi Dafeng’s face changed slightly, what else he wanted to say, Xia Pingan waved his hand slightly, “He is right, you should go out first, I will interrogate him alone!”

“Be careful, my lord, this person is dangerous…”

“It doesn’t matter, no matter how dangerous he is, it is not as dangerous as those who intercepted me on t

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