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Glorious Summoner Chapter 283

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Almost at the same time when Xia Pingan was on the horse, on a railroad bus stop on Runyi Street in the Western District of Shangjing, one went out with a black long-handled umbrella, holding a used black hand-held leather. Briefcase, wearing a faux fur coat on the outside, wearing a waistcoat and linen shirt inside, wearing a pair of glasses, the sideburns are a bit whitish, and there are two trimmed beards on the lips. It looks refined in manner, a middle age full of uncle charm. person is walking on the bus platform.

In the capital city, those men who go out with an umbrella when it is not raining, carry a briefcase in their hands at any time and go to the railroad train, are usually in this city They have a stable income and a decent job. They are the backbone of banks, exchanges, trading companies, law firms and accounting firms. Some of them run their own small businesses and live a good life.

At the station, when there are many people, at a glance, there will be at least three or four such men in the crowd.

In the capital city, such people are full of gentleman demeanor, and they seem to be the most harmless to humans and animals.

A newsboy hawked near the bus station.

When taking the bus, some people buy a newspaper, which is the best way to play time.

“Selling newspapers, selling newspapers, great news, the ruling army shot, the Blood Demon Religion monster who caused the tragedy in Taohuaqiao yesterday has been humiliated…” The newsboy yelled at the bus station with a tender and loud voice. While waving the newspaper on his hand.

Hearing the cries of the newsboy, the middle-aged uncle in refined in manner flashed a strange color in his eyes and called the newsboy over, “Come on, give me a newspaper…”

“Hello, sir, three Copper Coins…” The newspaper boy ran over quickly and lowered a copy of “Shanghai Beijing Daily”.

The middle age person paid a few Copper Coins and just bought a newspaper. A railroad bus has come from a distance. The conductor at the door stretched out his hand out of the window with a brass bell in his hand. , Shaking vigorously at dīng líng líng, reminding passengers on the platform and people on the side of the road.

When the bus enters the platform, with a sneer, the white steam evaporates, the door of the bus opens automatically, and people waiting on the platform get on the bus in order from the front door.

The middle age person also got on the bus. There were not many people on the bus. A few people got off the back door and a few seats were vacated. The middle age person took one seat.

Such a rail bus has a boiler room at the end. It is a bit noisy and hot. If it is cold, some people may like it, but in summer, there are not many people behind.

“Buy tickets, buy tickets, Huanxi Bridge has two Copper Coins, Qingfeng Road h

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